Review: Iron Girders Pro Wrestling β€˜IGPW6’ (10 Sep 2022)

Hello! Welcome to that awkward bit between Christmas and New Year where days get all jumbled up and we eat copious amounts of cheese and meat. It’s a wonderful time of the year.

Iron Girders Pro Wrestling have been busy uploading matches from their previous events with all the matches from their September event in a nice handy playlist. So handy in fact that I have taken my laptop down to the living room, and as it overheats on my lap, I’ve stuck it on the big telly to watch.

Che Monet & Nicole Jasmin defeated Leon Graves & Anastasia by pinfall.

A quick opener, Anastasia and Graves jumped their opponents before the bell and dominated the majority, with Jasmin dealing with the taller and more powerful Anastasia. Monet finally tagged in and was a house on fire but was caught with a very nice reverse DDT from Graves. Graves was blind tagged in which he didn’t appreciated and walked out, leaving Anastasia to be rolled up by Nicole Jasmin.

There were some fun little exchanges, maybe not as crisp as they had back at ‘IGPW3’ but solid nonetheless. Jasmin is very good considering that she only debuted this year, there are some little split second hesitations and the handspring elbow wasn’t as on target as it could’ve been but that move is notoriously difficult so I would definitely give leeway there.

Anastasia is great, antagonised the crowd throughout, made everything look easy. The audience were big on Che Monet and Nicole Jasmin but Anastasia helped knock it up a notch.

There wasn’t an awful lot of Monet and Graves, they were more supporting characters in this match but they had their moments even it they were brief.

Fun opening match, crowd was happy with the result, and the wrestling was quality.

Charlie Vyce defeated Dustin Alexander by pinfall.

The crowd were fairly cold in the opening, not making much of a peep until Charlie Vyce hit a very impactful shotgun dropkick to send Dustin Alexander into the corner. That was despite an arm wrestling contest in the opening few minutes.

Bit of back and forth before Alexander tried to use his stretch band to stop a German Suplex but Vyce let go which sent Dustin into the corner and right into a roll up.

Dustin Alexander really tried to get his characture of arrogance across in the match but it felt like the crowd didn’t care or connect with him. Charlie Vyce had his sports entertainment boots on to try and drag a reaction. Maybe it was the sound quality of the video, but this one didn’t hit. Plus it was the second match in a row to end with some shenanigans and a roll up.

Arcade Violence (Jake Lawless & AC Anderson) defeated Martin MacAlistair & Jan The Slavic One by pinfall.

Arcade Violence dominated the early going, cutting off the ring to take turns battering Jan, who had fleeting moments and comebacks. MacAlistair tagged in and ran roughshod, hitting a nice fisherman’s suplex after splashing his opponents in the corner several times.

A blind tag by Lawless, and a DDT to an unsuspecting MacAlistair sealed the win for Arcade Violence.

There were some good tag team wrestling from Arcade Violence, with AC Anderson being a standout in this match. He oozed confidence, looked great in the ring, and carried himself very well. Jan and MacAlister were sympathetic in defeat, but gave a good account of themselves.

Triple Threat – Leyton Buzzard defeated Levi and Thatcher Wright by pinfall.

A fast flowing triple threat, there were plenty of nice transitions with the majority of the match being two in the ring with one knocked down on the outside. Levi was taking to the air on multiple occasions, the highlight being a springboard bulldog to Buzzard which saw Leyton land on a prone Thatcher Wright which almost gifted the win to El Capitan.

The action was thick and fast, all three having a chance to snatch victory with near fall after near fall.

Buzzard hit a Uranage on Levi, ducked a Thatcher book shot to plant Wright with a Uranage to pick up the win.

This was great, I’ve said before I can appreciate Leyton Buzzard even if I find him so unlikeable and smug, his wrestling backs it up every time. It’s like I hate how talented he is. Levi provided the wow factor, while Thatcher Wright kept to the ground, finding weak points and short cuts. A fantastic dynamic between these three made for a highly enjoyable match.

IGPW Championship Qualifier Round One – Group B – Molly Spartan vs Kasey Owens ended in a draw.

Spartan started a bit more hesitant to wrestle the other half of The She-Wolves but as the match progressed, and Kasey not showing as much restraint, it became a very hard hitting fight. Kasey would use her agility to throw quick forearms, chops, and kicks, whereas Spartan would throw Kasey about and also use her own body to cause damage.

Just as Kasey seemed to wrapping up the match, the bell rang before she could hit the running knee, the match was declared a draw for a flat finish.

It might’ve ramped up if there was a time check, there might’ve been one that I missed while watching, but if there was a sense of urgency it would’ve made the finish a bit more exciting.

Outside of the finish falling, the rest of the match was top quality, Molly Spartan just steam rolling folk is fun, and she busted out some high impact offense on Kasey. There was a bit where Spartan casually threw Kasey off her shoulder but maintained a hold of Kasey’s hand which was a cool bit of control that I really liked.

Hache Gavidia defeated Mikey Devine by pinfall.

Mikey Devine entered with a mannequin to represent Rabu Romero, there was some fun shenanigans with Devine giving “Rabu” a telling off for dancing to Hache’s entrance. It was his downfall as the referee ejected “Rabu” from ringside to a chorus of cheers which left Devine open for a roll up.

Another roll up finish. Come on.

Before that though there was a good amount of back and forth with Devine and Gavidia showing what they can do. Gavidian hit a Three Amigos which were decent. Devine mocked his opponent throughout with shoulder shimmies and those hips did not lie.

After two roll ups on this show though there could’ve been a move to finish the match, a backstabber or something.

Watching the security crew struggling with “Rabu” as they dragged “him” out was a riot though.

Traditional British Rounds Match – Jimmy Pierce w/Logan Smith defeated Marcus King w/Adam King by two falls to one.

I’ll be honest, British Rounds matches aren’t my thing, often they are more about trading holds and can make the matches pretty slow. A lot of people like the slow methodical nature of these matches but they aren’t my cup of tea. Jimmy Pierce scored the first fall quickly.

King controlled the match with Pierce sneaking in pin attempts. King picked up the second fall with a Falcon Arrow after Adam King kicked Pierce in the head while the referee was distracted.

The final fall was where it started to pick up a bit more, with the third round finishing with no deciding fall, Adam superkicked Logan Smith between the rounds. Adam tried to take advantage of a distraction but Logan Smith returned and he and Pierce disposed of Adam King, Pierce played possum and almost got the win with a small package but Marcus kicked out.

Pierce countered the Falcon Arrow into a Stunner, nabbing the fall with a top rope double foot stomp.

The final fall became more of the wrestling I enjoy but this match had a little bit of everything for those that like variety in their wrestling. Overall it was a fine match, when Pierce got King in the small package I got the fear that there would be another roll up finish but thankfully it wasn’t to be. The Falcon Arrow from Marcus King with the little pivot is delightful.

Kez Evans defeated Martin Kirby by pinfall.

In the main event Martin Kirby and Kez Evans gave us a bit of a slug fest, throwing hands back and forth. Kirby went into his bag of bamboozles to take Evans off his game.

After a fast 10 minutes or so passed, Evans countered a Sable Bomb and grabbed the ropes to cheat and pick up the pinfall.

Kez attacked Kirby after the match and got into referee Sean McLaughlin’s face who gave Kez a Stunner, Martin Kirby followed up with one of his own. As Simon Cassidy tried to wrap up the show, Evans tried to interrupt but was met with a punch to the face from Simon to send the crowd home happy.

This match was a fun, nothing fancy, just a really entertaining back and forth match.

The crowd was a bit of a weird one throughout this whole show, there were moments of noise but the crowd that could be seen on the video barely moved, and didn’t look like they wanted to be there, more a viewing gallery than a paying audience excited for the wrestling.

There were plenty positives from when the bell rang to about three seconds before it rang again for the majority of the matches. Some of the finishes were repetitive or flat and not representive of the matches that took place, which was a shame. The triple threat match was fantastic bell to bell and worth revisiting, with the rest being really strong matches.

A good show from Iron Girders Pro Wrestling.

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