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It’s a new year, which means new prospects, new opportunities. So here are 23 wrestlers to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Photo credit David J Wilson

23. JJ Leigh

JJ Leigh only made her debut last year for Reckless Intent Wrestling, an incredibly athletic wrestler that has a tremendous upside. Call it a gut feeling, but if Leigh gets a chance to get in the ring we could be looking at a superstar in the making.

Photo credit Bearhug Design

22. Sebastian Asher

Part of Marcus “The Glory” Hunter’s stable at Fair City Wrestling along with the sensational Umar Mohammed. “The Diamond in the Rough” has shown plenty of charisma and potential in his showings at FCW.

Photo credit The Wilsons

21. Martin MacAlister

2021 and 2022 haven’t exactly been the best years for Martin MacAlister with him yet to pick up a victory, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been travelling and putting in the miles by making debuts and impressions aplenty. Will 2023 be the year?

Photo Credit Sandy Smith Photography

20. Tommy Kartel

The hardest man in Fife had a stellar 2022, making an impact in FPWA and Discovery Wrestling. A confident talker, and is very polished in the ring.

Photo credit David J Wilson

19. Moxie Malone

‘The Misfit’ found herself joining packs in 2022, assisting The She-Wolves in Discovery Wrestling and recruited by The Manifesto in ICW. Scrappy and hungry, Malone has the fire to attract attention in 2023.

Photo credit Bearhug Design

18. Tom Atlas

‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas is your pocket powerhouse, showing plenty of heart and strength in every match. The underdog in Fair City Wrestling, his time is coming.

Photo credit David J Wilson

17. Ellie Armstrong

“The Plant Based Powerhouse” had a decent 2022, sprouting up in various promotions. Armstrong is a hybrid athlete, being able to out power, but also have the ability to tie up opponents with relative ease, along with deceptive agility.

Photo credit Che Monet

16. Che Monet

Injury setbacks plagued Che Monet from having a Che-mazing 2022, but he did defeat Effy, join Visage to form The United Queendom, and appeared in ICW regularly in 2022. That just means that 2023 will be sen-Che-senal.

Photo credit David J Wilson

15. Colton Davis

There are not many 6ft 6″ wrestlers in the UK, and certainly less in Scotland. 2022 saw a couple giants in Scottish wrestling walk away from the ring with ‘Sky High’ Colton Davis ready, willing, and able to step in and throw bodies.

Photo credit Meyhem Brooks

14. Meyhem Brooks

2022 became a breakout year for Meyhem Brooks, with strong showings in World Wide Wrestling League and Pro2 Wrestling. He’s found a comfort in the squared circle and now it’s a matter of working his way to some gold.

Photo credit Judas Grey

13. Judas Grey

Causing DMG wherever he goes. Grey hit the ground running in 2022, with a highly praised match against Joe Hendry at Wrestle Carnival. Enigmatic, and humble, Judas Grey has all the potential to have a stellar 2023.

Photo credit The Wilsons

12. Nicole Jasmin

2022 has been a remarkable debut year for Nicole Jasmin. Making debuts on both sides of the border and facing some of the best in Scotland.

Photo credit Bearhug Design

11. Connor Molloy

The high flying Connor Molloy spent the latter half of 2022 back in singles competition following the retirement of his tag team partner Crusher Craib. A highlight reel of athleticism every match, 2023 will be his breakout year.

Photo credit The Wilsons

10. Robbie Cardwell

Cardwell had a breakout year with wins of Martin Kirby and Gaia Hox, along with a debut with Insane Championship Wrestling. Cardwell has built a solid foundation for 2023.

Photo credit Andrew Flowers

9. Robb Stow

Ending 2022 with an impact by helping his coach, Joe Hendry, retain the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship. An enforcer role in the main event of one of the best promotions in the country will have a lot of eyes on Stow.

Photo credit Sandy Smith Photography

8. Frank Gallo

Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum’s throwback wrassler is a big character, fun loving but Frank Gallo shouldn’t be underestimated.

Photo credit The Wilsons

7. Fulton King

2022 was quite a year for Fulton King, his first full year in wrestling, being part of The Spawn of Target, to fighting for the ICW Tag Team Championships on a Danish wrestling promotion’s show. 2023 will see more shows, more dafties battered.

Photo credit The Wilsons

6. Daisy Jenkins

Off the back of an excellent year for your favourite 80’s throwback, the wins weren’t forthcoming but Jenkins left a lasting impression with her unique offense around the country.

Photo credit AC Anderson

5. Leon Graves

A hot prospect coming out of Iron Girders Pro Wrestling, he’s found himself as a vicious lone wolf, and shows plenty of aggression in the ring.

Photo credit The Wilsons

4. Bruiser Brad Evans

Primarily a tag team wrestler up in the North East, 2022 saw Brad strike out elsewhere in singles competition. The big brute is ridiculously agile for a man his size, coupled with a chaotic disregard for his own body.

Photo credit The Wilsons

3. Ryan Richards

2022 was the first full year for ‘The Supreme’ and he took full advantage by debuting and winning, rinse and repeat. Well spoken, carries himself like a superstar, the questions is… who is going to stop him?

Photo credit David J Wilson

2. Derren J Blair

One of thee hottest prospects to come out of Source Wrestling School recently, Blair has travelled up and down the country, putting on fantastic matches against an array of opponents.

Photo credit Bearhug Design

1. Ronan King

*insert nickname here* Ronan King claims to be the best 19 year old wrestler and has taken steps to back up a bold claim. The tail end of 2022 saw King venture outside of his comfort (Wrestle)zone. His match with Grado in October got a lot of eyes on Ronan King, 2023 could be special.

As always, this is only scratching the surface of what Scotland has to offer, with shows happening near every weekend with countless incredibly talented wrestlers on shows, or waiting on the wings for an opportunity. Off the back of an excellent 2022, I’m very excited to see what 2023 has to offer.

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