Who Are The Next Break Out Stars In Scottish Women’s Wrestling

Over the last couple of years the Scottish wrestling scene has been producing some of the best upcoming talent, for this article we will be concentrating on the next break out stars in women’s wrestling. For this list we take a look at the names that you may not be aware of… yet.

WWE nabbed some of the best wrestlers to ever grace a Scottish wrestling ring with Kay Lee Ray (Alba Fyre), Nikki Storm (Nikki A.S.H.), and Viper (Doudrop) thriving under the big lights and massive pressure in front of the WWE Universe. The, now defunct, NXT UK brand gave platforms for Isla Dawn and Angel Hayze to create an impression, along with the independent shows popping up on the WWE Network has seen the likes of Emersyn Jayne and Molly Spartan show what they’ve got to a worldwide audience.

Why back when I started watching Scottish wrestling there were a handful of women plying their trade regularly around the country, the aforementioned WWE trio plus the now-retired Carmel Jacob and Jayla Dark, along with still-active Sirena Rose and Kirsty Love. New faces were beginning to appear like Emersyn Jayne and Debbie Dahmer but if you were hoping to see a women’s wrestling match on a show then it was safe to assume one/two of the Scottish seven would make up the match with the Owens twins, Kasey and Leah, maybe making an appearance.

The UK women’s wrestling scene is bursting right now, a far cry from the days of one match if you were lucky, to Scottish lasses like Emily Hayden and Rosie Nyte travelling UK-wide, picking up championships along with way.

Some of the names in the list may be familiar faces if you have that £9.99 subscription and watch ICW ‘Fight Club’ religiously, but many here haven’t broken out UK wide regularly and I think they have the ability to make some waves in this fast changing world of professional wrestling in the near future.

Photo credit David J Wilson
Jade Black

Renegade Wrestling Dojo have been fast producing some new talent that have been making appearances on their own shows and a couple outside endeavours so there will be a couple of their graduates making it on this list.

One that caught my eye recently is ‘The Passionate Gem’ Jade Black. With only a handful of matches under her belt, there’s definite potential there. For only 19, she shows a lot of athleticism, bundles of charisma, and comes across well in the ring, and is confident to interact with the crowd, all fantastic foundations to build upon.

Photo credit David J Wilson
Iona Sky

A multi-talented individual, Iona Sky finally made her debut last year at Renegade Wrestling Dojo after starting her training at a very young age. For someone that is brand new to having actual matches her ring awareness is beyond her experience.

Outside of the ring she is the lead singer of ANAVRIИ and is comfortable in front of a crowd.

Photo credit David J Wilson

More from Renegade Wrestling Dojo, Katia made her debut recently against Ayesha Raymond and put on a very solid performance.

I mentioned in my review of the show (here) that it’s bold to go with a Russian character especially in this day and age but Katia doesn’t overplay it for cheap boos but translates it into her disciplined stoic demeanour. I won’t overuse the word potential in this article, but after her match with Ayesha Raymond, she looked assured, and not afraid to throw her body into the bout, I got a feeling that Katia will evolve into someone that will be an important fixture on shows in the future.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Another unique talent from Renegade Wrestling Dojo, Katzabella is one of the smaller wrestlers in the UK right now but makes up for it with tremendous character, embodying that feline nature, and embracing the cattiness.

Ironically she is the underdog when in match ups but is plucky, shows plenty of fight and is able to garner fan support.

Photo credit Neil Jarvie

Anastasia has been in the game for a bit, making her debut in 2018 and despite early success and debuting country-wide there hasn’t been that final push into stardom. She is capable in the ring, Amazonian in stature, and with confidence when it’s show time.

Plying her trade at Iron Girders and Community Pro Wrestling primarily, Anastasia has travelled around the UK to wrestle including matches with Doudrop, Isla Dawn, Emersyn Jayne, and Veda Scott in her back catalogue.

Photo credit Neil Jarvie
Nicole Jasmin

After a long journey to make it to her debut in 2022, Nicole Jasmin has been grabbing opportunities both sides of the border making appearances for Iron Girders, Pro2, W3L, and Upbrawl, matching up with experienced opponents and not looking out of place against them.

She has a strong social media support that have joined her for the ride. Growing in confidence with every match, Nicole could be the one to watch in 2023.

Photo credit Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum
Beth Shorty

New to the scene, Beth Shorty made her in-ring debut for Discovery Wrestling when representing Team FPWA against a trio of Joe Hendry’s students.

‘The Raging Bull’ is hard hitting and a pitbull in the ring, certainly picking up tips from Andy Wild at Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum in being able to punish opponents if they give her a sliver of a chance.

Photo credit David J Wilson
JJ Leigh

Training at Lothian Pro Wrestling Academy under the guidance of veterans Dickie Divers, Aspen Faith, and Emersyn Jayne, Leigh made her debut earlier this year with a flashy moveset of flips and whips.

From the footage I’ve seen of JJ she is an exciting prospect that brings something unique to a match with some innovative high flying and enthusiastic offense.

Photo credit David J Wilson
The Struthers Sisters

Speaking of different, Maven and Raven form The Struthers Sisters in Renegade Wrestling Dojo, two big brutes. We’ve seen teams in Scottish wrestling in the past like Glamour Gym, She-X, BAE Club, but none have went in with the intention on being a tag team which is what The Struthers Sisters have done.

Their matches aren’t the prettiest to watch, more akin to a backwood fight, but they certainly have the chemistry as a formidable team that look to get more cohesive as the bodies pile up.

Photo credit Neil Jarvie
Ellie Armstrong

Sprouting on the scene late 2021, making her debut on the WWE Network of all places, Ellie Armstrong has been quick to show that she has range, being able to be the plucky underdog in ICW then can be cocky and brash in Pro2, soaking in the jeers.

She has been in the ring with a wealth of experienced talent like Alexxis Falcon, Kasey, Angel Hayze, and Emily Hayden, and being able to branch off to show her plant-based power and can throw in some good ol’ fashioned wrasslin’ for good measure.

Photo credit David J Wilson
Moxie Malone

When it comes to breaking out, ‘The Misfit’ Moxie Malone has certainly been making moves in 2022 with regular appearances in Insane Championship Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling, along with her work at Iron Girders.

Malone brings some feisty chaos with rabid energy to her matches shown in her recent battles with Leyton Buzzard, Molly Spartan, Grant McIvor and Angel Hayze.

Photo credit John McGeorge
Rubi Roberts

Rubi has been venturing to Scandinavia recently, mixing up her styles between wrestling in Pro2 against Ellie Armstrong or competing in death matches over in Denmark with Lexi Luxx. Proof that nothing is impossible, battling fibromyalgia, Rubi turned her own personality up to 11 to create ‘The Basic Bitch Slayer’ and got into the shape of her life.

Hard working and invested in developing further, Rubi Roberts is a name that will be popping up in a lot more places sooner than later.

Photo credit Respect Pro Wrestling
Harmony Skye

A stand out from Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum, Harmony Skye was another to make their in-ring debut on the WWE Network via ICW ‘Fight Club’ and since then she has made appearances in Pro2, Community Pro Wrestling, Respect Pro, and in her home school FPWA with an upcoming appearance scheduled for Fair City Wrestling.

Though still very young and a new face on the scene, she is very open with struggles she has had in her development and training, whether it’s physically or mentally, which is an admirable trait for someone still in their teens that has the making to be an outstanding role model for the younger generation.

Photo credit David J Wilson
Brodie Adler

‘The Dynamite’ Brodie Adler has been causing explosions up and down the UK against men and women, smashing folk from Thurso to Newcastle and colliding with veterans like Regina Rosendahl and Sirena Rose. Brodie hit the ground running post-pandemic making impacts in Fair City Wrestling in Perth and featuring for Combat League Wrestling in the North of Scotland.

Ever evolving, the Brodie Adler of 2022 is starting to morph into something more unhinged, picking up inspirations from the Luna Vachon‘s and Bull Nakano‘s of the past by adding war paint to create a striking character. I’m very interested to see where Brodie Adler can go in the coming months/years.

Photo credit Louise Westie
Daisy Jenkins

Another Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum graduate, Daisy Jenkins is a throwback to the golden era of women’s wrestling citing inspiration from Sherri Martel, Alundra Blayze, and throwing in modern lucha twists. Starting a little later than some of the others in this list, Daisy has an aura of being self-assured, confident, and her in-ring performances reflect that. Daisy has been mixing it up, not only on the WWE Network via ICW ‘Fight Club’, but at Pro2, Fair City Wrestling, and against Jason Reed at a recent FPWA Student Showcase.

Having a big and colourful character, I’d love to see Daisy appear at as many family shows as possible. I would see a WrestleZone crowd, for example, being absolutely on board the #DaisyChain.

Photo credit Neil Malone
Cassie King

From Source Wrestling School, Cassie King made her debut in 2022 after having it delayed due to a guy eating a bat in China, allegedly.

Spooky, nasty, an animated Annabelle doll, like something you’d see come out of your tv screen to drag you to the depths of hell, though she might be on the smaller side of the height chart, Cassie King brings the virile spite to scratch and claw at body parts, making her overall persona unsettling.

Photo credit David J Wilson
Ashley Vega

‘The Modern Day Diva’ Ashley Vega has the skill, character, and presence to be the next break out star from Scotland. Embracing the Diva era of pro wrestling to the max Ashley has grown in confidence exponentially, open to sharing the ups and downs of her wrestling journey on social media, promoting mental and body positivity, and chasing opportunities.

While making regular appearances in Discovery Wrestling, debuting at Wrestle Carnival, and being a fixture at Community Pro Wrestling, Ashley Vega can either be bubblegum sweetness or “that bitch”.

Going through that list there are no two characters the same, all offer something different to a show. From Ashley Vega’s modern day diva, to Daisy Jenkins’ 80s throwback, to creepy Cassie King, there is an array of styles, talent, look, and all offer something to an event which makes the future very interesting.

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