Preview: Fair City Wrestling ‘Live In Tayport’ (17 Feb 2023)

By Daniel Mejka

Sebastian Asher vs Retro Randy Valentine

This match has been inevitable since way back in October when Randy Valentine eliminated Sebastian Asher from the Fair City Rumble and the two will finally collide this Friday in Tayport. Not only did the Retro one cost ‘God’s Gift to Professional Wrestling’ his shot at the Game Changer Briefcase in that match but he took him out at FCW’s following show and sent him to the hospital. Furthermore, Randy concocted a masterplan to infiltrate Glory Hunter Agencies as part of a Security Team for Marcus ‘The Glory’ Hunter himself and subsequently took both Sebastian Asher and Umar Mohammed out of the final match of the FCW Tag Team Championship Tournament. To say this has become a personal rivalry would already ben in contention for the understatement of 2023 and we’re only in February!

Another interesting aspect of this match is the relationship between Asher and Hunter. Sebastian was hand picked as the first client of Glory Hunting Agencies and was later joined by Umar Mohammed. Going back to Asher’s elimination at the Rumble, Marcus Hunter had the opportunity to save one of his clients and he chose Mohammed. In addition to this it was ‘The Asian Sensation’ that Hunter put forward into the Fatal-4-Way back in December to attempt to gain some momentum ahead of January’s Tag Team Tournament and not Asher. And on top of that it has become apparent that ‘God’s Gift’ was trying to reach his manager for weeks before finally getting a meeting with him. This begs the question, what is going on with Hunter and Asher and will Valentine use any potential cracks in their relationship to his advantage?

Dickie Divers vs Ian Ambrose w/Skully

Speaking of grudge matches that have their roots in the Fair City Rumble, FCW are treating us to two on the same night! That night it was Ambrose eliminating Divers and it has irked away at him ever since. The last two FCW shows in Perth have resulted in the pair trading insults (actually Skully was there too so there was actually three of them) and throwing each other over the top rope as well as coming to blows last month.

However, Tayport on Friday will finally see the pair meet in a match and with Nae Mercy on the horizon a win for either man could potentially catapult them into the FCW Heavyweight Championship picture for the two night event.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way – Taylor Bryden (c) vs Tom Atlas vs Spike Tierney vs Nathan North

This one has got potential match of the night written all over it. Originally scheduled as a singles match between Bryden and North, FCW management took the decision to turn it into a Fatal-4-Way by adding two members of the Dundee Academy of Professional Wrestling in the form of Atlas and Tierney. The Champion can’t be thrilled at the prospect of potentially losing his title by not even being involved in the decision but at the same time it would make a massive statement if he was to overcome the challenge of three of FCW’s best Junior Heavyweights.

‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas was unable to overcome Euan G. Mackie in his quest to take the Game Changer briefcase from him but the knowledge he will have gained from battling the now FCW Heavyweight Champion can only do him good going into this title opportunity. Spike Tierney is coming into this match fresh off losing out in the FCW Tag Team Championship Tournament last month and it seemed that he also took the decision to end of Flips & Slips as a result to focus on his singles career.

Tierney took the Champion to the limit the last time they faced each other for the title and he will be looking to go one further this time and take the belt over the water to Dundee. Finally we have Nathan North who like Taylor Bryden, can’t be thrilled at his one on one Championship opportunity being turned into a Fatal-4-Way but ‘The North Star’ will be even more determined now than ever to bring some gold to Game On after he and his Tag Team partner Duke Cannon had to unfortunately pull out of the FCW Tag Team Championship Tournament.

FCW Tag Team Championships – Red Gate (Jacob Deacon Wilde & Tommy Cross) (c) vs The Big Lads (Craig Berry & John Kerr)

Jacob Deacon Wilde and Tommy Cross could not have been given a much bigger challenge in their first defence of the FCW Tag Team Championships, pun very much intended. John Kerr and Craig Berry will have the home turf advantage in this match with FCW venturing into the Kingdom of Fife but as always with Red Gate there is threat of Eden on the outside of the ring as well as Kerrigan lurking in the darkness just waiting to be called upon should the Champions be in trouble at any stage.

It will be fascinating to see who comes out on top in what promises to be a heavy hitting contest to see who takes the titles into Nae Mercy and has the honour of defending them there.

FCW Women’s Championship – Brodie Adler (c) vs Emily Hayden

The best thing on the internet for the last few weeks has been the adventures of Brodie Adler and the FCW Women’s Championship belt and if you haven’t already done so please check out the Champion’s social media pages to follow along. They’ve been all over Scotland together and seem to be getting on really well…but Emily Hayden is coming to Tayport to put a quick end to their new found friendship. These two are no strangers to each other having previously battled for the World Wide Wrestling League Women’s Championship on multiple occasions where Emily holds the title.

This time though it is an entirely different dynamic with Brodie having the Champion’s advantage in this match and does not have to win in order to retain here title whereas ‘The Last Girl’ has to either pin ‘The Dynamite’s’ shoulders to the mat for a three count or make her submit. This one will be a belter, make sure you are in Tayport to see it on Friday.

FCW Heavyweight Championship – Euan G Mackie (c) vs Colton Davis

The Champion’s ‘Crusade’ as he has dubbed it continues with his latest defence of the FCW Heavyweight Championship and ‘Sky High’ Colton Davis is his challenger. Davis made a big impact back at the Fair City Rumble with a big boot that I think was felt around the world. He impressed so much that FCW management have granted him this title match. Euan G. Mackie will be giving up a lot of size and strength to his opponent but this is nothing new to him and he will have been training hard and perfecting techniques on how to counteract Colton’s attributes and use them against him.

This is a big opportunity for the big man from Source Wrestling to come to the East coast and fight for FCW’s top prize. He could become the youngest ever FCW Heavyweight Champion on Friday and take the title into the biggest show of the year at Nae Mercy.

Get your tickets at the link below to find out if he can.

More Information

Date: Friday 17/2/2023
Location: The Larick Centre, Tayport
Doors: 6.30pm
Bell time: 7pm

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