Preview: WrestleZone (@WrestleZone) ‘Regal Rumble’ (25 Mar 2023)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the road to Aberdeen Anarchy begins good and proper with the annual Regal Rumble. Rumbles are the best etc. they offer the nerve wracking excitement, twists, turns, and tears… well the last few have certainly done that. I’m not sure if I have emotionally recovered from the Aspen Faith – Zach Dynamite finale in 2022. I will endeavour to not swear at questionable refereeing decisions, but I’ll be watching Dennis, I’ll be watching…

Returning to Curl in Aberdeen that saw Halloween Hijinks last year, a nice venue, just in Aberdeen and has a big Tesco and a hospital nearby, what more could you need?

VIP Ticket Holder Match – Connor Molloy vs Murphy

Connor Molloy and Murphy clashed in amongst a tag team match at Halloween Hijinks in the same venue, with Molloy using his agility to bamboozle one half of The Outfit. Molloy has plenty experience against big lads, and most importantly, beating big lads. Murphy is fresh off recent bouts with Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Aspen Faith, and an unsuccessful attempt for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships against The Fair City Saints at Station Hotel Showdown and has yet to register a win in 2023 (unless he got a victory at Comic Con North East but I don’t have those results so…)

However, Connor is hot off a fatal four way victory in Ellon against Rhys Dawkins, Ronan King, and Ryan Riley, fighting off a Triple R assault.

Both will need to conserve energy for the Regal Rumble match itself but getting a win to boost your momentum meter will be vital to gut through the potential of 24 opponents later in the night.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, Connor Molloy is excellent, a fabulous fan favourite wrestler that drums up fan support, Murphy has been great to watch recently, a year in to joining The Outfit has seen his stock rise dramatically, this should be a cracking start to the show.

Mikkey Vago vs Chris Archer

After the shocking betrayal from Chris Archer at Station Hotel Showdown, which also cost Vago the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship, these two will finally collide. Now, I thought this would be a shoo-in for Aberdeen Anarchy but this could be the first track on an epic EP if things aren’t settled at Regal Rumble.

Archer has refused to admit why he struck Vago with his chain in January and looks to put Vago in the rear view mirror after 8 years of being a brotherhood, with Vago not wanting to fight but wanting to understand, hash it out, and then move on as a tandem, offering a Rejected Reunion.

Conspiracy theory time, there will be a Rejected reunion, but it will be Chris Archer and a returning Kaden Garrick that will be walking out of Curl with a dejected Vago laid out.

Watch me be wrong.

But also prepare for me to be smug if I’m right…

As a match itself, this would be a nice meshing of style, Vago and Archer have a lot in their arsenal with Vago adding more to his repertoire with each match. Another repeated phrase I use is that Chris Archer rarely has a bad match, he can put on a solid match with just about anyone so if this does break down into a fight then it should be entertaining.

Ronan King vs Damien

Another match that had it’s fuse lit at Station Hotel Showdown, with Ronan King interrupting and cheap shot-ting an injured Damien after the raffle. Disrespecting the raffle! King has been very vocal about using Damien as a stepping stone to greater things, to championship gold, to putting the old guard out to pasture.

This is another match that I thought would be an Aberdeen Anarchy showdown like Archer versus Vago, but again I don’t think this will be settled in 15 minutes bell to bell. Damien might very well be on the back end of his wrestling career but definitely won’t go down without a fight.

Damien is another guy that puts so much emotion and passion into his matches that it’s always worth watching, coming in against the young gun trying to bully his way to the top, this will be something special.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Air Myles) (c) vs The Foundation of the Future (Ryan Riley & Bruiser Brad Evans)

A rematch from Christmas Chaos, with it being not only an eventful night with Myles and Webb picking up the tag team titles but thanks to the intervention from The Fair City Saints, they thwarted Riley and Evans helping Zach Dynamite cheat his way to victory in the main event which saw Dynamite ultimately lose the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship to Aspen Faith.

There’s bad blood, revenge afoot, two of the best tag teams in the country right now, The Foundation of the Future quite rightly have a beef with the officiating from Christmas Chaos (which I actually whinged about in my review… here).

This should be another epic bout that these two teams are becoming known for.

Aspen Faith, Caleb Valhalla, & Umar Mohammed vs Zach Dynamite, Bryan Tucker, & Rhys Dawkins

And here is your annual big tag team match before the main event, featuring the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Aspen Faith looking across the ring to the current WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion, and the man Aspen defeated to win the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, Zach Dynamite.

Faith’s team includes ‘The Asian Sensation’ Umar Mohammed who still has a bone or two to pick with Dynamite’s partners Rhys Dawkins and Bryan Tucker who stand opposite, along with Caleb Valhalla who will be out to cause carnage on his way to the Regal Rumble match. A dream trio, the only question remains is will Umar Mohammed finally convince Aspen Faith to wear a Sherwani to the ring?

This will be a wild match that will likely travel around the venue so keep your feet in, and your eyes open.

Regal Rumble Match

Entrants Confirmed: Ryan Riley, Umar Mohammed, Chris Archer, Connor Molloy, William Sterling, Blue Thunder, Ronan King, Damien, Captain Alan Sterling, Mikkey Vago, Murphy, Lord Mr Malice, Bryan Tucker, Zach Dynamite, Rhys Dawkins, Tommy Raiden, Dino, Mr WrestleZone, Bruiser Brad Evans, Oliver Green, Alex Webb,

I’ve already declared my five picks to win the Regal Rumble (here) so won’t delve too much into who I think will win, however, since posting that list I’ve quietly added a number 6 pick for Dino, something tells me that he will have a great showing and maybe even reach the final four in the match.

This year will be my wife’s meltdown year, with Aspen out of the match she is fully invested in a Caleb Valhalla victory. He’s my number one pick to be fair, but you know how my predicting goes in WrestleZone…

It’s a big lad Rumble with Dino, Murphy, Bruiser Brad Evans, William Sterling, and Ryan Riley providing plenty of beef. It might take two or three wrestlers just to get them over the top rope.

Of the entrants announced there’s quite a bit of mystery, even if nearly all the entrants have been announced as of writing. Oliver Green, a referee for the past couple WrestleZone shows, makes his official in-ring debut, has his duties in the stripes given him an edge to pick out a weakness on his opponents?

Tommy Raiden and Rhys Dawkins also compete in their first Regal Rumble match, will it be first time lucky for them?

The other mystery is Mr WrestleZone. Speculation is rampant as to who it is, with Scotty Swift already ruling himself out… okay…

You thought that by already doing a five picks for the rumble you had avoided a list? HA! Gotcha

Five Picks on who is Mr WrestleZone

Richard R. Russell – the 2018 winner of the Regal Rumble has been missing from WrestleZone for a number of years now after being dispatched in 2018 following the demise of Sterling Oil, but the mind behind the defunct faction is no doubt always lingering in the shadows looking for a new client, maybe he wants a closer look at this new crop of wrestlers in the Granite City.

Len Ironside – from what we understand this mystery Mr WrestleZone signed on but nobody knows who it is, is it time for Len Ironside to come out of retirement one more time? The last time Len was due to enter the Regal Rumble he was blindsided by Aspen Faith so couldn’t enter the match itself, now that Aspen is not scheduled to compete in this, and it seems like they finally buried the hatchet last year, maybe Len wants his shot in the Rumble and main event Aberdeen Anarchy.

Crusher Craib – the ‘Creator of Carnage’ announced his retirement at Aberdeen Anarchy 2022 after losing the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships to The Foundation of the Future. Craib has been quiet, too quiet. Could he be Mr WrestleZone? Is the three time winner of the Regal Rumble, two time Undisputed WrestleZone Champion back for one more run?

Evan Young – I just miss Evan, he’s been out of action for a while.

Scotty Swift – I don’t believe you Scotty, sorry. Scotty Swift is often hailed as Mr WrestleZone, his shocking loss against Bryan Tucker at Christmas Chaos that saw him ousted in a wrestling capacity, and ejection after getting into a scuffle with Tucker at Station Hotel Showdown, just adds fuel to the fire. Swift might as well head to Egypt for a swim in the river because he is in denial. Okay that one doesn’t quite make sense but anyways…

Whoever it is comes in with a massive advantage, the unknown factor, nobody knows who it is, you can’t train for someone you don’t know, whereas Mr WrestleZone will have had the time to check out the competitors and formulate a plan to throw them over the top rope.

This event is sold out, no tickets available soz.

More Information

Doors: 6pm (VIP). 6.30pm (General). Bell time: 7pm (VIP). 7pm (General).

Tickets: SOLD OUT.

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