Full Results: SWN Monthly Poll – March 2023

Following 7 days of voting, the results are in!

Wrestler of the Month
  1. Caleb Valhalla (39.5%)
  2. Logan Smith (18.6%)
  3. Andy Roberts (14%)
Show of the Month
  1. WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble’ (34.9%)
  2. Iron Girders Pro Wrestling ‘IGPWX’ (20.9%)
  3. Fair City Wrestling ‘Nae Mercy’ Night One (18.6%)
Match of the Month
  1. The Regal Rumble – WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble’ (32.6%)
  2. The Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones) vs The Woke Academy (Ross Hunter & Robbie Balfour) – Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum ‘vs New Wave Wrestling Academy’ (20.9%)
  3. Casino Brutale (Rabu Romero & Mikey Devine) vs Arcade Violence (Brody Turnbull & Jake Lawless) – Iron Girders Pro Wrestling ‘IGPWX’ (18.6%)

Thank you for voting.

Past Monthly Poll Results

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