Preview: Discovery Wrestling’s (@DiscoWrestling) ‘Excellent Adventure’ (8 Apr 2023)

Discovery Wrestling have entered the multi-verse, more specifically Caleb Valhalla and Aspen Faith found themselves in all sorts of bother and need to fix wrestling before there’s a wrestling promotion on every corner that have paid their £60 to be part of a totally legit wrestling council.

It makes more sense, I think, if you just watch this video:

In any event it means there’s a totally awesome and radical afternoon of pro wrestling in the capital. Will wrestling be saved? Will Caleb return Ian Skinner’s crop top? Will Aspen dig out his ‘Hippie Horror’ gear? One of those things might just happen.

VIP Ticket Holder Match – Debbie Dahmer vs Taonga

One half of the esteemed tag team The Double D’s, Debbie Dahmer is in singles action against Taonga. Taonga is creating a lot of buzz across the boarder, picking up wins and titles, doing battle with names that will be familiar with Discovery Wrestling fans like Molly Spartan, Session Moth Martina, and Lana Austin.

This match will go some way into crowning a new number one contender for the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship, which has blown wide open recently due to the unfortunate broken wrist suffered by the champion Kasey. There’s no word whether there will be an interim champion, or a new champion crowned by ‘Disco Derby’ in July, but Dahmer and Taonga will be out to get eyes on them as potential challengers.

VIP Ticket Holder Match – Disco Derby Qualifier – Ryan Richards vs Frank Gallo

Speaking of ‘Disco Derby’ we’ll know at least one entrant once the dust has settled of this excellent adventure. Ryan Richards comes up against the wild, and unique, Frank Gallo. Richards has not been pinned in Discovery Wrestling, however, way back in November 2021 he was part of Team Joe Hendry that lost to Team Andy Wild, a team that included Beth Shorty, Tommy Kartel, and… Frank Gallo.

In singles competition though, ‘The Supreme’ has more experience than Gallo, picking up wins against Johnny Lions. Tommy Kartel, and Tallon Jr in previous Discovery Wrestling outings.

The question will be can Ryan Richards, with all his wealth and privilege, be able to outwit and outsmart crazy?

Chris Ridgeway vs Andy Roberts

One of the first matches announced is a match many will be foaming at the mouth to see. Two hard hitting blokes out to smash and torture the other. Chris Ridgeway is famed for his catch style, and is able to find new and interesting ways to put pressure on joints and bones. Andy Roberts, back in his Andy Wild days was well versed in the holds, a connoisseur of the British style but Andy Roberts is an animal. It’s not all about “pretty wrestling” for Roberts, who can snap and ragdoll opponents at will.

At ‘Friday Night Disco’ Andy Roberts found himself, along with Johnny Lions, on the losing end of a tag team championship match against Kings of the North, proving to Roberts that there’s nobody he can rely on in wrestling other than himself.

Roberts is big, angry, and is currently at the bottom of the ladder, a convincing and merciless performance against Chris Ridgeway will have him once again nipping at the heels of whomever walks out as Discovery Wrestling Y Division Champion.

Session Moth Martina vs Emersyn Jayne

As previously mentioned the current Discovery Wrestling Women’s Champion Kasey is currently out of action for potentially 5 months, it will be interesting to see if any stakes are added to this match up between former Disco Women’s Champions.

Outside of the action wrestling, in that snazzy little video at the top of this preview there was mention of Kazza G and Princess Sammii, alter egos from the past for Martina and Jayne respectively. Has this match been affected by Caleb and Aspen’s brawl in the telephone box?

Martina and Emersyn have had many battles, including several in Discovery Wrestling, and they’ve always delivered.

Aspen Faith, Caleb Valhalla, & ??? vs The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bruiser Brad Evans, & Ryan Riley)

As informed by Doofus (seriously go watch the video), in 2033 the world is knackered all because Caleb and Aspen were supposed to form the greatest tag team in wrestling. Due to it not happening these pop up promotions have taken over and controlled by a council of wrestlers, The Foundation of from the Future.

Valhalla and Faith need to find a tag team partner to do battle against the dastardly trio to restore the Discovery universe. Who will it be? A figure from Discovery Wrestling’s past? Where are The Traditionalists? Is Tom Fulton aware of this fracture in the time space continuum?

So many questions coming into this match.

Five outstanding wrestlers, but this isn’t about wrestling, this is about saving the universe!

Disco-4-Way Match – Judas Grey vs Dickie Divers vs Ian Skinner vs Ryan Griffin

Thanks to our glimpse into the future we found out that Ian Skinner was not a wrestler in 2033, retiring due to a run in with poisoned diary products in 2023 that caused a slight case of death. I suspiciously similar looking gentleman appeared in the year 2033 as a principal, teaching lessons, with a moustache that looks very similar to a chairman of a recent Endevor merger.

Flyin’ Ryan Griffin has re-emerged promising a trip to Ryanair for everyone in the match. After spending much of his recent Discovery journey being chased by a viking and using Athena as protection the return of Flyin’ Ryan to our eyes adds a lot of chaos to this match up.

Judas Grey is all casual, the founder of DMG has a bone to pick with Ian Skinner after their clash at ‘Friday Night Disco’ in the pre-show saw Skinner victorious but hasn’t stopped him roasting his opponents online.

Dickie Divers has been fairly silent on this match up. He’s been busy dealing with Debbie Dahmer they only way that feels right, by clocking her with Monster cans. It’s the little things.

Y’know, I don’t know how to even begin breaking down and previewing this one. It’s going to get weird.

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championships – Kings of the North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw) (c) vs Deacon Matthews & Theo Doros

Thanks to the Disco-verse breaking, Damien Corvin is now a vampire. Yes that’s a sentence I have typed out. Kings of the North have swatted away challenges of all shapes and sizes so far but how will they fair against ‘The Cult of Positivity’ and a ‘Superior Cypriot’?

Matthews and Doros have had recent success, teaming with Scotty 2 Hotty to defeat The Foundation of the Future at ‘Friday Night Disco’, they will be riding high in confidence.

The uncertainty here is if vampire Corvin and, as far as we are aware non-vampire, Bonesaw can co-exist? If Corvin isn’t invited into the Pleasance Sports Complex then Bonesaw could be on his own out there.

It’s an afternoon show so will daylight be a factor, or will Matthews and Doros smuggle garlic in their trunks? What is happening!

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Joe Hendry (c) w/Mister Manoval vs Gene Munny

Despite the above match graphic, thanks to some Joe Hendry involved legal wrangling, this will not be a no disqualification match. HOWEVER, owner Alan Smith announced in response that the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship will change hands if Joe Hendry is disqualified, NWA style, ‘member how Abyss won his first NWA Heavyweight Championship in TNA? I ‘member.

  • Joe Coffey
  • Theo Doros
  • Andy Wild
  • BT Gunn

All names that have fallen to the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Champion since gaining the title on October 6th 2019. Gene Munny holds a victory over Hendry… by disqualification. The Gene Munny Champion of Gene Munny has been the closest to victory and has rattled the champion, whether he will admit it or not.

Gene Munny has been the people’s champion in Discovery Wrestling, wholly supported by the faithful in the crowd and putting his heart and, at one point even, his soul between the ropes in Edinburgh.

Time is ticking on the monstrous reign of Joe Hendry, is it time for Munny to cash in?

There’s limited tickets available. Don’t miss out, be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

More Information

Doors Open: 12.30pm (VIP), 1pm (General).

Tickets: available here

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