OSWtv Meets… Jackie Grady

How did you come across professional wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?Β 

You see I get asked this a lot, but to be honest I can’t remember, I lived with two brothers who were 10 and 12 years older than me so wrestling was always there, but as I got older they seemed to shove it away. I had no access to watching any wrestling whatsoever as a kid but the only thing that could closely resemble watching wrestling was playing WWE Smackdown Vs Raw but anyone that knew me back then knew I loved wrestling through and through. The moment I got hooked however and all of what I stated before changed was when I found a free channel on Sky called The Wrestling Channel. I would sit in my mum’s room watching this channel for ages, it had TNA, ROH, LDN, IWW but there is one match that I watched with my brother at his house on that exact channel and to this day I cannot find it. It was a Japanese match I can only describe as Wrestlemania Main Event material, everything was so fast and so precise and when you are jumping up and down at 11 at night trying not to wake your nephew up with the amount of excitement I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

How did you go about becoming a professional wrestler?

I looked to find a wrestling school around Scotland and although there were some respectable schools out there, Reckless Intent was starting their own school and were a new company forming in Livingston, my home town. I met up with Mikey and Sean on my first day, where I was a skinny fat kid who could only dream of wrestling at the time and they put me through the induction of teaching me the basics. However, with proper discipline and getting pushed to places I didn’t think was possible at the time I have made myself realise that I CAN do this. On the 2nd of February 2013 I got my wrestling debut, although it wasn’t long and wasn’t something really special compared to now I realised if I had stopped there that I could at least say I’ve done it once… but the bug never went away and its amazing to go out into a crowd where they will boo you for your actions and knowing that they have a form of emotional connection with you as an audience and as people. Now that I’ve done this for a year and a half I want to do this until I simply can’t.

Who are your biggest influences in wrestling?

There are a lot of people that could be named in this list but one of the main ones definitely has to be Chris Hero, who I had the pleasure of having a seminar with him. Other people that are influences are Chuck Taylor, Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries and Jon Moxley. Other than the Americans who are Indy wrestling legends, a few British stars I like are William Regal, Doug Williams and Scott Renwick who I’ll have the honour of working with on the 2nd of May (My birthday by the way!) at the Super B.O.W.L.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

There are a few matches I can think of but I reckon my match with the man who trained me Mikey at OVER THE TOP on the 2nd of November 2013 (Watch it HERE) for the Reckless Intent World Title was my greatest match yet, everything was just right, we had so many matches before with each other and this was runner-up for match of the year in Reckless Intent and with good reason, I recommend anyone to watch that match…oh yeah I burst my nose in that match too, forgot to mention that. Another match I found fun was a match between myself and Drake Titan for his Reckless Intent UK Title at Never Back Down 2014, the fact we both started there when the Reckless Intent Unit opened up and were yet to have a match was odd but it was worth the wait after so long. Its two matches I recommend people watch when they ask me about wrestling.

You made your debut for Scottish Wrestling Entertainment recently, how was that experience for you?

Absolutely crazy, it just happened out of nowhere. Everyone up there was welcoming and made me feel right at home considering I was a stranger a few months ago I was overwhelmed by everyone and their kindness. Overall they made me feel a part of a team. However stepping into the ring in front of a new crowd brought back my wrestling debut butterflies. I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to get in the SWE ring and compete for the first but hopefully not the last time.

What’s next for Jackie Grady?

Who knows? Right now my main focus is on the Super B.O.W.L. but the goal is to hopefully keep wrestling for Reckless Intent and other companies around Scotland as well as train hard of course!


10299327_10203673971552747_1931104106_nIf you want to know more about Jackie Grady then you can visit his fan page on Facebook here

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