OSWtv Meets… Sammii Jayne

What got you into watching professional wrestling and were you a fan growing up?

I remember channel surfing one day back in 2000 and was instantly intrigued and amazed, from then on I couldn’t stop watching and I’ve been hooked ever since.

How did you get started in training to become a professional wrestler?

I didn’t even know how to go about being a wrestler, I had been wanting to do it for years and then I found out about SWE Hartland Training Centre which was only a 30 minute drive from my house, so I plucked up the courage to go and the rest is history.

Who are you biggest influences in wrestling?

I think my first main influence was Lita, at the time she was definitely ground breaking and a really cool role model for women at the time. Now as a performer, I really enjoy watching a mix of Japanese and old British wrestling and I definitely think it’s had an influence on my in ring style.

I got to see you quite near the start of your SWE career at Hell for Lycra IX back in 2012. In a year you transformed from quite timid and nervous in the ring and on camera to a fantastic grappler and oozing charisma in promo videos. Was there anybody in particular that helped you in that year to get to that point?

I started training at Source Wrestling School at the start of 2013 and I credit a lot to Damian O’Connor, he has spent a lot of time training me and I’ve had the opportunity to train with Mikey Whiplash as well. I am very shy and introverted as a person and my natural instinct isn’t to project myself in the way that is required to be successful so it’s an obstacle that I am constantly working to overcome. In terms of working on promos, Ian Ambrose has helped me out a lot and has worked with me to get to the level I am at.

In October, at SWE Hart & Soul, you defeated Debbie Sharpe and Viper in a thrilling ladder match to win a scholarship to the Hart School in Canada. The match went on to receive rave reviews from fans and your peers, how did you feel after that match and did you know it was something special at the time?

Well I was pretty banged up from the match but really proud and it was tremendous honour for us to be given the opportunity to do a Ladder match by SWE. I think myself, Debbie and Viper have a special chemistry and when you are comfortable with your opponents and everyone is confident in each others abilities it can lead to good things.

In February you became the second female to hold the SWE Future Division Championship when you defeated Viper. How did you feel when you got to hold that belt in your hands, knowing that all your hard work had lead to that moment?

It was a great moment, not only winning the Championship but being able to main event the show with two other girls who work equally as hard, it was a proud moment for us all.

You’re getting around Scotland at the moment with your recent involvement with SWA and ICW Fierce Females, with you becoming number 1 contender to Kay Lee Ray’s title at the latter’s most recent event. Is there any companies in the UK that you want to work for?

I am just taking one day at a time, I just want to keep learning and improving and who knows what will happen.

You’ve faced some of the best like Nikki Storm, Viper and BΓͺte Noire. Is there anyone that you want to face, male or female, in the near future?

I have had the chance to face a lot of the fantastic Scottish female talent but there are a few who I haven’t that I certainly would love to go up against. Carmel, Kay Lee Ray and Sara are definitely top of the list of opponents I’d like to face. Also I can’t wait until I get the chance to face Nikki again in a singles match, it’s been two years since our last bout and I definitely have learned a lot and grown as a performer since then so I will relish that opportunity if/when it comes.

And finally, speaking of you facing some of the best, do you have any favourite match or opponent that you have worked with?

>Both my favourite matches so far are with Viper, one from Scottish Wrestling Entertainment on January 4th this year and our latest one from ICW: Fierce Females on April 13th. I think she is incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with and I think we bring the best out in each other. Also my first match with Debbie Sharpe (her debut) holds a special place as it’s great to see how far she has come and that her hard work is paying off.

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While you’re at it I’d recommend checking Sammii’s YouTube Channel for some fantastic matches with Viper and Debbie Sharpe. Just follow this little link HERE

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