OSWtv Meets… Rawlins


How did you come across professional wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

Probably similar to everyone’s, seeing Hogan, Andre, Warrior, Flair in there prime at the youngest age but growing up in a house without satellite television I never had the opportunity to see WWF during the Attitude Era I did however get free cable, so when the Cartoon Network went off air at 9pm it became TNT which meant WCW. There was no moment that hooked me but the spectacle of seeing Sting or Goldberg really grabbed me.

Did you know that you wanted to be a wrestler from a young age?

In a pipe dream can’t possibly ever really happen kind of way yes but in reality what I really wanted to be was a soldier (not that that worked out either).

How did you go about becoming a professional wrestler?

8 years ago at the age of 21 I was doing a lot of MMA training & working in a Blockbuster. I got it in my head that MMA was the next big thing and would catch on all around the world so I decided to go to college to attain the relevant qualifications to open an MMA gym/school (it hadn’t been done yet), whilst studying I met a wrestling promoter and company owner also on the same course who befriended me and began training me a bit in our spare time at college, eventually convincing me to come and be a mystery entrant in a Battle Royale for his show and I just continued to train ever since.

Who are your biggest influences in wrestling?

I’m going to catch heat for this but my number one influence is & will always be Chris Benoit (the wrestler not the man) honorable mentions to Dynamite Kid, Regal, Kurt Angle, [Dean] Malenko, Tazz & Sting.

Have you had any injuries or set backs along the way?

I recently had facial reconstruction on my nose caused by general ring wear and tear. I have been knocked unconscious several times, my teeth are all broken, I bit right through my tongue in a match and hairline fractured my shin diving out of the ring.

Do you have any favorite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

One stand out match for me was one of my first ever singles matches against a guy called Matt Starr looking back now the match wasn’t very good but it meant something to me, a recent match series I had with my brother Drake Titan was very enjoyable ranking on my list of favorite matches and opponents, my first ever title win in a triple threat match with The Superstar Darren Lewis and Mikey really stands out. However, my matches with my longest rival and former Reckless Intent Originals team mate Mikey are always a spectacle. We always go out there are get the best out of each other and really try to tear the roof off the place. On that note I will be once again wrestling Mikey and defending my World Title in the main event of Super B.O.W.L Night 2.

You’re the lead trainer for Reckless Intent, do you have any advice for anyone looking to become a professional wrestler?

Professional wrestling requires a tremendous amount of time and commitment. So my advice would be find it young enough to really make something of it. If you find it at a good enough age the wrestling world can truly be your oyster, find a good reputable school and trainer. Pour yourself into it and don’t say no to any opportunity you could learn from and never ever stop trying to improve, there is always something else to learn and always someone wanting to teach.

Find out more about Rawlins on the Reckless Intent website HERE

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