“Leap Them and Keep Running” – Roadblocks by Jackie Grady

A lot of moments are unexpected in life, a lot of moments happen in an instant and only a handful of tiny moments can change your life. For me that moment was when I was working at a local Wetherspoons at my first job at the age of 17. Working at a bar is never easy, you’re dealing with food complaints, wiping the sticky surface of a table that has Pepsi spilled all over it and people that are drunk and thought I was a girl (I had my hair tied up, give me break!) but of all the people to walk in I never thought I’d find another wrestling fan. A man with an Edge shirt was at the bar and I instantly went over to talk to him, we went back and forth with our conversation about wrestling and then expressed my interest in training to become a wrestler which was the original reason why I had tried to get a job in the first place (sorry Mum…). He then told me that there was a training school opening in Livingston under the company Reckless Intent, which I jumped for joy at the thought of as other training schools I was interested in were much further away, but a training school that is in walking distance? There was no question I was interested but with my parent’s own personal health problems, being that my mother has Cauda Equina Syndrome, I questioned if I would be able to do it or if my body would even let me withstand it , I met with the founding members Mikey and Rawlins a week later and was put through my basics and as soon as I took my first bump I just knew this was what I wanted to do, it didn’t matter how much it hurt, I was training to become a wrestler and here I am today living the dream. While all of this sounds like a dream come true, there some things personally that I did not expect.

When I told my friends at school I was training to be a wrestler they backed me up on it, they told me they’re glad for me, they said they were happy that I was doing something I loved. However, when it came to my debut in wrestling it all changed, instead they mocked me, seen me as a joke and in reality, those people were fake. The same people who knew I loved wrestling with all my heart ignored me from that point on, those people who I spent years with had then left me alone.You are sure to encounter those people who say “but its fake” but those people are the same ones who believe everything they see on the internet.Β I then realised, these are the same people who want to go out every night and waste away slowly and think is there anything they could have done in their life and they are trying to direct the jokes at me? I then decided it was time to separate myself from these people. The sad thing is, those same people never came to see me wrestle once, too bad. I have no regrets and the only group of people I associate myself with are the people who are doing the same as me.

Now off that depressing topic, the only people I associate myself with are the people who are associated with wrestling in general. The trainees, wrestlers, trainers, you name it. The Brotherhood of Wrestling. We look out for each other. Looking back now I’m glad I got rid of those people who were ‘friends’ because they weren’t even friends to begin with if they didn’t understand I wanted to wrestle, but these people did. They even want to wrestle me, even better! We all respect each other because of what we do and at the end of the day we all trust each other in there. In other words, we’re a family, who slam each other in a wrestling ring for fun! I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it weren’t for these very same people, I don’t think I’d be able to wrestle today for example, I wanted to quit several times for different reasons, financially, mentally, anything! There was one month where I struggled badly with money and didn’t want to dishonour the company by not paying, so I was going to quit and come back when I was more stable with money however I did not have to do that thanks to the people there like Mikey and Rawlins helped me out when it was needed, even gear wise I was helped out when I couldn’t afford to buy boots and I was helped out by Rawlins. There are many others who have had my back in doing this and I cannot thank all of those people enough, they know who they are.

But…this is only the start of the journey, I’m sure there will be more roadblocks ahead but I will do what I’ve done in the past, leap them and keep running. I’m only 19 years old so there’s a lot I could do!

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