OSWtv Meets… Aspen Faith [Aberdeen Anarchy Special]

How did you get involved with professional wrestling and start with WrestleZone?

You’re getting the stock, it was what I’ve always wanted to do answer I’m afraid, but only cause it’s true. Since I got into it this is what I’ve wanted to do. I’d already decided that I was going to start training when I finished college and I found out WrestleZone has a training place in Aberdeen. Emailed, went along, never looked back.

Aberdeen Anarchy is on the horizon, how are you feeling on the run up to WrestleZone’s biggest show of the year?

Honestly, I’m feeling great, I’m relaxed I’m looking forward to it, I’m not nervous, the nerves will come but not just yet. Day of the show I’ll probably be freaking out but right now I’m ok. Working other places and doing other bits and pieces on the way to Anarchy so my mind hasn’t fully slipped into that yet, but by the end of the week it will and I’m sure it’ll be great.

For the third year in a row the Aberdeen Anarchy event is being held in the Beach Ballroom, previous years have seen over 1000 fans attend the show. Is there an added pressure preforming in front of so many people?

There’s always pressure wrestling in front of people, but is there more wrestling in front of that size of crowd? For me personally, no. I actually find it easier as crazy as that sounds. Once you get a crowd above a certain size I kind of lose sight of how big it is in that moment and it’s just a sea of people. Small crowds I can see every face and they’re all watching and judging! The large crowd and the sea of sound let’s me get away from that. That probably made no sense but I know what I mean.

WrestleZone always pull out all the stops when it comes to special guests galore for Aberdeen Anarchy, this year sees former WWE stars Hardcore Holly, Chris Masters and D-Von Dudley come to the Beach Ballroom. Who would you like see come to the Granite City in the future?

If WrestleZone could do me a solid and take over Michael Hayes and let me be a Freebird for the night that would be great.

And finally, what would be your dream match at Aberdeen Anarchy?

Anyone in the world wise William Regal or Fit Finlay would be amazing. WrestleZone wise Crusher Craib, I’d love to see what we could do in that environment.

With less than 40 tickets remaining, act fast to get your ticket for May 23rd! Go to http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/events/wrestlezone-aberdeen-anarchy-supershow-293232 now!Β 

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