Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘Live In Dingwall’ February 2016


Rock N Wrestle made their debut at the Dingwall Leisure Centre on Saturday night for a shocking night of twists and turns. When I go to a Rock N Wrestle show I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and Saturday was no different. It was the first time that RNW have held an event in Dingwall, with special guests galore Steve Robertson planned to make this night a very special debut and I think he succeeded.

Lou King Sharp, Aaron Echo and Tam The Ram defeated Donnie T, Saqib Ali and The Beloved Krycek by Pinfall

The show kicked off with a fun six man tag, with an excellent story point at the end. I was really impressed by the team of Sharp, Echo and Tam like I thought I would in my preview. The multi-man match hid the weaknesses of Donnie T well with Saqib Ali and Krycek doing a lot of the work, Echo especially looked really great in the ring and showed his athetism and his teamwork with Tam The Ram was great. At the last show in Inverness, Donnie T beat Sharp with a spear in the middle of a fracas, this time Lou dodged the spear and hit a sunset flip for the victory which I enjoyed, I’m a fan of keeping continuity and that was right up my street.

Lucy Cole and Carmel Jacob defeated The Owens Twins (Leah Owens and Kasey Owens) by Pinfall

Lucy Cole cut a promo bringing up The Owens cheating tactics in Inverness which cost her victory. She challenged them both to a tag team match and brought out her partner Carmel Jacob. I was very surprised to see Carmel come out especially as she always been either coming out with Liam Thomson as a dastardly duo or when she has wrestled it’s been as a baddie (couldn’t think of a more grown up word). I’m not going to lie but I had my eye on Carmel waiting for her to clock Lucy Cole and walk out but it didn’t happen and the match was really good, I think having the wrestlers of the experience of Carmel and The Owens is really allowing Lucy to step up her game as she was looking really solid in the ring. Carmel Jacob is a different kind of beast in the ring, she was phenomenal with plenty of inventive maneuverers which we haven’t had the chance to see in Rock N Wrestle because “bad” Carmel doesn’t show off, she batters folk with no mercy. Cole got the surprise win with Eat Defeat to gain a measure of revenge on The Owens Twins.

Colt Cabana defeated Davey Blaze w/ Charles Boddington by Pinfall

Before the match Davey threatened to punch a glasses-wearing fan “so hard that he’d have contacts” which was easily my favourite threat I have ever heard at a wrestling show. My favourite match of the night, not that this is a surprise to many but, Colt Cabana is a really good wrestler behind the comedy shenanigans as this started with a lot of really crisp wrestling counters and lock ups which was turning this match into a…ahem…Matt Classic. Colt hit an open palm slap on Blaze’s chest which actually made me cringe as it was so loud in the hall. Fun aplenty with Blaze and Boddington miscommunicating several times, it even lead to Blaze finding himself head first in Boddington’s crotch much to the hilarity of the crowd. Colt finally scored the victory with the GTS, a really enjoyable encounter.

Joe E Legend defeated TJ Rage by Pinfall

Great bait and switch at the start with TJ Rage coming out all smiles and fist bumping kids, only to take a cheap shot on Legend and shouting that he fooled us. Crowd ate it up and Rage played up to the crowd by taking shortcuts and using the five count to the fullest. This was a solid match with both men getting their fair share or offense with seemingly nothing between them, just two heavyweights trading shots. Legend teased a brainbustah but Rage kept finding a way to stop the attack so when Legend finally hit the brainbustah and got the pinfall the crowd went nuts.

Legend thanked the crowd for coming to the show and had a bit of fun getting the crowd cheering and involved.

Owner Steve Robertson came to ring next to announce when the next show would be taking place, March 19th in Inverness, as voted by the fans on Facebook. He then told us that Jack Jester was not in attendance as he was attacked in Glasgow which meant he had failed to defend his title since October (against Lou King Sharp in Forres) and as it has been over 90 days since his last title defence (two scheduled defences missed) the title was now declared vacant. A fatal four way match was set up next for the vacant title.

Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship
Liam Thomson defeated BT Gunn, Sonjay Dutt and Kid Fite by Pinfall

This was a little different than most fatal four ways, it started with two in the ring and two in the opposite corners like a tag team match, not something I’ve seen before but I really liked it. Made you have your full attention on the action inside the ring. Fite and Thomson operated like a team, until it came to allowing the other to make a pinfall where it became a game of one-upmanship in terms of taking shortcuts and cheap shots. Really fun to watch. The crowd favourite was BT Gunn, who is just adored by the Rock N Wrestle fans. The exchanges between Dutt and Gunn were really smooth and lovely, could watch them face off again. Just when it looked like BT Gunn was about to gain victory by planting Kid Fite, Liam Thomson rushed in and tossed out Gunn allowing him to pin Fite and win the title.

Sonjay Dutt got on the mic after the match and declared that BT Gunn was the true champion at Rock N Wrestle and that he wanted to see Gunn get a fair title shot.

Overall: I loved this show, so many little touches that made it special. RNW have a knack of really taking the atmosphere and cranking it a little to make it an almost unique experience. The storyline implications coming out of this event were huge with Liam Thomson now champion, he has number one contender Drew Galloway, former champion Jack Jester, Money in the Bank holder Davey Blaze, the man he screwed out of the title BT Gunn and his former tag team partner who he pinned, Kid Fite, all after his title. Winning the title might end up being the start of more problems than Liam Thomson envisaged. The amount of recall to the last event was really great as all the things they did made sense, why Lucy Cole had a problem with The Owens, TJ Rage lulling the crowd into thinking he was a nice guy, Davey Blaze getting raised at Colt touching the breifcase that contains his title shot, Lou King Sharp dodging the Donnie T spear, all great stuff. I was disappointed that Jack Jester wasn’t there again after being advertised but I think Rock N Wrestle did a good job making it up to the fans in attendance so that they didn’t feel short changed.

Matches Announced:
Lou King Sharp (2-6), Aaron Echo (0-3) and Tam the Ram (0-2-1) vs The Beloved Krycek (1-1-1), Saqib Ali (3-3) and Donnie T (3-5)
Joe E Legend (2-0) vs TJ Rage (3-4)
Colt Cabana (0-0) vs Davey Blaze (2-1) w/ Charles Boddington
-Champion vs Champion-
Jack Jester (RNW Highland Champion) (5-2) vs Sonjay Dutt (GFW NEX*GEN Champion) (1-0)

Sidebar: I had the chance to drive Sonjay Dutt and Colt Cabana from Aberdeen Airport to Inverness and Dingwall on the Saturday. It was the best experience and it was an absolute pleasure. Both guys were the nicest people I’ve met and were worth the 250 miles driven that day. So a special thanks goes to them for being so great all day.

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