A Busy Week for Reckless Intent Wrestling

By Euan Conway


It has been a busy time recently for Reckless Intent, running more shows and more venues, to add to their traditional monthly Livingston shows. So much so that there is a short review and preview to get in here. Last Saturday saw them return to Twechar, now my local wrestling venue, in front of a packed crowd for their middle show in their run of 5 shows in 6 weeks. With Chris Renfrew, Michael Chase, Grado and Paul Tracey amongst others set to appear, this promised to be a cracker. Here is a brief run down of what happened.

Opening Promo: The Lord of The Manor Paul Tracey with David Devlin

Brilliant opening heel promo from Tracey, did everything right here, from slagging the local people, Scotland’s sports teams and putting himself over as champion. Only slight criticism is Scotland beat Ireland at rugby a few weeks ago but I’ll let it go. I would imagine he would be new to many people in Twechar but he left them in no doubt he was the man to hate in the main event.

DCT vs James Scott – UK Title

Two big heavyweights going at it. I guessed last week that this might not be the end of these two grapplers and it looks like I could be right. Very controversial ending in this one where the referee counted the pin while James Scott’s foot was on the ropes. It has now been announced that GM Renwick is reviewing the footage to decide what to do next.

Open Challenge – The Amazon Ayesha Ray vs Kirsty Love

Pleased to see more of both these two wrestlers. The Amazon, as I had not seen her wrestle much in singles competition, and Kirsty Love, who I hadn’t seen wrestle in some time. The Amazon got the win on this occasion however Love still found time to attack Wee Jimmy afterwards.

Futureshock Tom Fulton vs David Devlin

Great to see Fulton back wrestling in a Scottish ring as he spends most of his time abroad these days. Devlin is in the middle of a strong push at the moment as part of Paul Tracey’s stable. Sadly there was no mention of the Slam Championship being on the line here although he is defending against LJT next week. Devlin with the win to keep his momentum going.

Grado vs Delsin Dayre

Grado returned to Reckless Intent and the people of Twechar took to him instantly cheering loudly. Grado said he was going to eat a scotch pie before the match but Dayre attacked him. Dayre has been in some high profile matches recently and dominated a lot of this bout. However Grado was able to reach down with the fans support and hit The Wee Boot for the win. A furious Dayre attacked Grado after the match but Jam O’Malley ran in to make the save.

Eric Canyon vs Chris Renfrew

After the interval which featured photos with Grado, Chris Renfrew took on Eric Canyon. As I seen the original contest between them all those years ago this was one I wanted to see and it’s pleasing to see neither of them have lost a step. Wouldn’t mind seeing a best of series between them actually but probably unlikely to happen. This match went all over the arena even featuring a bin with lots of rubbish in it. Renfrew’s win keeps him looking strong ahead of his grudge match with Dayre next week in Livingston.

The Headbanders (Rob Mills and Jackie Grady) vs The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt and Theo Doros)

Two incredibly popular tag teams in Twechar and a tag team contest that swung both ways before The House of Saynt picked up the win. Nice to see a tag division being established, I wonder if tag belts will take the Slam titles place eventually.

Main Event: Michael Chase vs ‘Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey

If ever a guy suited a character it is Paul Tracey and the Lord of the Manor gimmick. From the facial expressions, to interacting with the crowd, it’s just fantastic. I was pleased to see Chase get as strong a reaction as Grado, Twechar have really taken to him. This was a brutal grudge match after what happened with Paul Tracey winning the title at The Reckless Rumble back in November. At one point in this match Tracey was thrown into a table full of people’s drinks. Another highly controversial ending with Devlin interference allowing Tracey to retain. Chris Renfrew made the save from the two on one beat down and challenged Tracey to a title match in Twechar on April 29th (I, for one, would like to see this but it’s not yet confirmed).

All in all a great evenings entertainment with something for everyone. It has been announced Paul Tracey will defend the title in Livingston on April 1st so who knows who will be champ come Twechar on April 29th. Grado has already been confirmed for that show.

Quick Results:
Reckless Intent UK Championship โ€“ DCT defeated James Scott by Pinfall to retain the Reckless Intent UK Championship.
Amazon Open Challenge โ€“ Amazon defeated Kirsty Love by Pinfall.
David Delvin defeated Tom Fulton by Pinfall.
Grado defeated Delsin Dayre by Pinfall.
Chris Renfrew defeated Eric Canyon by Pinfall.
The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt & Theo Doros) defeated The Headbanders (Rob Mills & Jackie Grady) w/Amazon by Pinfall.
Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship โ€“ Paul Tracey defeated Michael Chase by Pinfall to retain the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship.

Next show is in Livingston on Saturday 4th March here is what is announced so far:

Mr News returns to defend the Hardcore title in a 15 minute scramble. Some people hate these matches, I quite like them as it gives multiple wrestlers a chance to shine. Who will enter this I wonder.

Theo Doros vs Euan G Mackie – Again two guys popular with the fans. I wonder if the House of Saynt will get involved in this one.

Michael Chase vs Dickie Divers – This is only Dickie Divers second appearance in Reckless Intent, what will he have in store for Michael Chase? Chase has talked about earning another title shot, will a big win here help him?

Chris Renfrew vs Delsin Dayre – A match granted by GM Renwick that has been brewing for months now. Will Renfrew be looking for revenge after Dayre’s looker room attack in Twechar? And will Dayre be looking for payback for Renfrew helping Team Jam in December?

James Scott vs David Conrad – Will James Scott be looking for a victim after what he sees as the injustice done to him last week? A big win for Conrad could put him in line for a shot at a title.

David Devlin vs LJT for the Slam Championship – Paul Tracey will be represented at the show as Devlin looks to continue his series of impressive wins. LJT is popular with the fans but will this help him to the gold?

For those interested here is the links to all the details for Saturdays show and the next Twechar show below.

Livingston | Twechar

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