Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘May 2017’

The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

On May 7th Discovery Wrestling return, recovered from the events of The Elite but there is plenty of fallout that this show will go some way into resolving. A lot of new faces and plenty of tournament matches, it’s going to be another wild one!

Michael Chase has been after Christopher Saynt for quite a while now and on May 7th he has his chance when he teams with a former member of the house, Lou King Sharp. They take on Saynt along with the first son of the house Theo Doros. Saynt has been finding Chase a nuisence that he can’t seem to get rid of, blocking his quest to sit atop of the Discovery mountain. Chase seems adamant that Discovery Wrestling should be Saynt-free and is stopping at nothing to get his hands on The Patriarch.

After the events of The Elite, Joe Coffey demanded a Y Division Championship match against Lewis Girvan. After a cool down and revaluation of his target, Coffey will face Girvan’s cohort ‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith with the intentions to keep Faith from interfering in another title match between himself and Girvan in the near future. This could be a fantastic technical match with two highly skilled wrestlers, or Coffey may want to punish Faith for his past actions. There will be little mercy shown by the Iron Man and the only thing Faith may catch is an iron fist…to the face.

Discovery Wrestling are currently holding three concurrent tournaments, the Uncivil War tag team tournament, the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational and a Women’s Championship Tournament. Four tournament matches are taking place on this show so we’ll start with the Women’s Championship Tournament match.

Since turning on her BAE Sammii Jayne, Debbie Sharpe has shown a vicious mean streak having battered Sammii several times since. She faces the debuting Nina Samuels. Fans of Discovery Wrestling may not be familiar with Nina Samuels but may recognise her face from the entrance video of The Buffet Club of which she is a member. Both ladies will be vying to join Candice LaRae into the next round, with Sammii also in this tournament it wouldn’t be crazy to think she might be watching her former BAE very closely in this one.

Uncivil War will be a four way tag team bout held later in the year with Kid Fite and Liam Thomson, Fight Club, already qualified. The next match is between two vastly difference teams. The big and powerful Dave Conrad and Deviation against the meaty(?) Fabulous Bakewells. In the words of Jim Ross this will be bowlin’ shoe ugly.

Onto the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, where there will be two tournament matches held on this evening.

First up, a match that could be the dark horse for match of the night when Mark Coffey takes on Chris Ridgeway, this will be Ridgway’s Discovery debut whereas Mark has competed in both singles and tag team action at previous events. The Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational pits some of the best wrestlers in the UK plus a couple international guests in the mix as we’ll discuss in a sec. Ridgeway and Coffey are two of the best and this tournament match up will only showcase that fact further.

The second tournament match up on this show is a mouthwatering match, Mikey Whiplash makes his Discovery Wrestling debut against Matt Riddle, who is doing the same. Whiplash vs Riddle is a dream match up to many and to see it you have to get to Discovery. Riddle is the first Wild Card entrant in the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, and what a Wild Card! One of the hottest names in independent wrestling against one of the most prolific. This encounter will be a beautiful masterpiece mark my words.

Finally, Lewis Girvan defends his Y Division Championship in a puzzling four way elimination match. Many thought that Girvan would be defending against Joe Coffey following the events of The Elite show but he’s been placed into a four way against three past four way elimination match winners. Entrants include highflyer Lucha DS, the rebel LJT and the technical Danny Boy Rodgers. An impressive mix of talents all vying to dethrone the current Y Division Champion. When first announced this looked like an easy defence for Girvan but the more you look into the wrestlers involved it’s clear to see that Lewis Girvan will be in for a rough night trying to continue as Discovery Wrestling’s Y Division Champion.

Tickets are still available from Discovery Wrestling’s online shop and will be On Demand where we will be reviewing the event shortly afterwards. Discovery Wrestling are **All About The Wrestling** and this line up certainly shows that.

Matches Announced:
The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt & Theo Doros) vs Michael Chase & Lou King Sharp
Joe Coffey vs Aspen Faith
Women’s Championship Tournament: Debbie Sharpe vs Nina Samuels
Uncivil War Qualifier: The Fabulous Bakewells vs Dave Conrad & Deviation
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational: Mark Coffey vs Chris Ridgeway
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational: Mikey Whiplash vs Matt Riddle
Y Division Championship – Four Way Elimination: Lewis Girvan (c) vs Lucha DS vs Danny Boy Rodgers vs LJT

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