Joe Hendry on when he’ll be back in the US and what ROH did for him

Photo Credit Ring of Honor

In a recent interview with ROH’s Joe Hendry on Frank Mandolini’s Last Minute Wrestling Podcast, the Scottish Ring Of Honor star explained why he hasn’t appeared on the TV shows despite other talents from Britain being able to travel across the pond to wrestle (PAC for example) and added when we might see him back.

Hendry stated: “If it was up to me I’d be on a plane or a boat tomorrow. It’s difficult because the borders are somewhat closed but the embassy can make exceptions and I believe we can make a strong case to make that exception. Here’s where you gotta get ROH a lot of credit. They’ve got this bubble in which everything is meticulously tested, everything is top notch, but to be that safe and precise everything has to be thought out and planned logistically […] they have to go back and forth with the commission on who’s gonna be there, how long they gonna be isolating and all that. I don’t have any exact date on when I’ll be back yet, but my best guess is early 2021

Joe Hendry also praised Ring Of Honor for keeping him under contract, creating online content for him (such as the Technique Tuesdays series on YouTube) and paying him as normal even without being able to appear for almost a year: That is a loyalty for me that will not be forgotten and will be reciprocated […] by the time I get back there I might have not wrestled for them for a year. A year! How easy would have been for Ring Of Honor to just go ‘Sorry Joe!’ you know? Would have been completely in the rights to do so, but they go: ‘you know what? we got something here for you!’ and I appreciate that. It goes beyond money for me.”

During the interview with Frank Mandolini, Hendry also talked about his participation at the Commonwealth games and amateur wrestling being more politicking than wrestling, if he ever thought at trying MMA, his music career and why it failed, almost opening for Biffy Clyro, being on SONY radar, not recognizing Alan McGee, how much WCPW did for wrestling, passing of the torch between him and Drew McIntyre and the influence he had on him, how he secured his match with Kurt Angle with the WhatCulture management, being the best talker in WCPW, putting in so much work, being inspired by the Sopranos, his goals for an ROH comeback in the tag with Dalton Castle, ROH putting on consistently great shows, Final Battle 2020 card rundown & much more.

The full interview with Frank Mandolini’s Last Minute Wrestling Podcast can be heard at this link or on the podcast’s official website

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