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We got the chance to have a chat with “Kickass” Ian Skinner and discuss his career and what he has planned for the future, thank you to Ian for the interview and we hope that you all enjoy it!

Start with the obvious, how did your wrestling journey begin?

My journey began after attending Shug’s Hoose Party in 2014, my friend offered me a ticket and I thought it’d be worth a view. During that night, there was a moment where Kay Lee Ray jumped onto a barricade and dived onto a group of guys. The intensity, the atmosphere and the awe of the situation had me ABSOLUTELY hooked. From that point, I knew I wanted to start training – and then the rest is history.

Tell us about your early training. Any fond memories or stories from that time?

Early wrestling training in Airdrie with TJ Rage, it’s something else. I remember I arrived 30 minutes early for the first session and absolutely no-one was there, until I noticed of lads and ladies entering a room with bags and boots – I knew I was in the right place. I remember sitting watching a young Daz Black and a guy called Scott Valentine have an absolute 5* classic in front of my eyes and just freaking out like a fan.

Describe Ian Skinner to anyone who hasn’t seen you wrestle before, what can they expect to see?

I’ll translate it in a couple ways, so people can get a frame of reference. Ian Skinner is pepperoni pizza with jalapeno peppers on top. Ian Skinner is Ace Ventura on stage with Cannibal Corpes. Ian Skinner is Tyler, The Creator brawling in the skate park. Ian Skinner is Hypa Hypa by Eskimo Callboy. Ian Skinner is PURE ENERGY. Ian Skinner has two speeds, Fast and F*ck You.

We are currently in a lockdown and wrestling in Scotland is on hold sadly. What are your goals heading back to a full return?

It sounds very basic and very cliché, but I want to wrestle as many people as possible. I want to see audiences from all over the globe. I want to learn from some of the best in the country. But overall I want to get back to having fun.

We’ve seen you performing on ICW as of late, how have you found performing in front of no audience?

I believe not having an audience in the ICW Asylum has its benefits, at least for the time being. When I’m in the ring, I’m focused on one person – and that’s the person standing across the ring from me. As much as I’m excited to have an audience back, I’m savouring and learning to focus my energy into one objective and that’s to KICK-ASS.

What are your goals heading into the next few years. What do you hope to achieve within wrestling?

As I’ve stated above, I want to wrestle more, I want to learn more, I want to grow more and I want to make memories whilst doing so. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities prior to Lockdown but if I’m being specific about my future I would love to; train in Ireland again, train/fight with Chris Ridgeway, grapple around with some of British Wrestling’s rising stars, extend my reach into Europe and train with companies such as WXW, IWA, FCF, KPW Bodyslammers, SLAM!, Sthlm, etc. etc.

We love some fantasy booking here at SWD. So firstly tell us your top 5 non-UK wrestlers?

Aha, here’s the real test, for me not to name 5 Japanese guys.

  • Tajiri
  • Mike Bailey
  • Lee Moriarty
  • Dragon Lee
  • Bobby Gunns (Hopefully that’s a bit of variety from all over)

Now who would you put those 5 against out of the current UK wrestling scene?

  • Tajiri vs Luke Kyro – Watch Kyro and just imagine it
  • Mike Bailey vs Daz Black – I know they’d go hard asf and the crowd would love every moment of it
  • Lee Moriarty vs Steve Boy Xavier
  • Dragon Lee vs Andy Wild
  • Bobby Gunns vs Craig Anthony

Any fun road stories from your travels?

Anytime that me and Ewan O’Raw are in a car together is a good time. Whether it’s with Uncle Ben and the cold window, Good Girls and Bad Guys or just general chat – he’s an absolute delight.

Do you have any advice to aspiring wrestlers once the lockdown has ended?

I mean, speaking as an aspiring wrestler myself – work hard in the gym, find as many ways to learn from different people, watch as much wrestling as you can and build a notebook of ideas and then just try have fun.

Where can we find you on social media?

@Ianskinnerpw on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

Thank you very much to Ian for taking part in our interview

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