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We got a chance to have a chat with up and coming star in the Scottish scene, Jason Hyde!

We hope all enjoy this interview!

Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling?

I was raised on wrestling because my Dad is a fan as well, so watching it with him around 2000 is how it all started then from there it snowballed to obsession.

Tell us about your early training? Any fun stories?

Training with the people I did, funny stories are ridiculously abundant. Iโ€™ve witnessed such things as Krieger cutting a promo on a packet of skittles or heard TJ tell the best stories in wrestling (including meeting Bret Hart at a urinal).

Tell us about your first match? What happened that day and any advice you received before you went through the curtain?

My first match was to be an eight man, but that got made into two tag matches. Everything went off without a hitch as far as I remember but at the same time Iโ€™m still so sure I was terrible.

What can people expect from Jason Hyde that havenโ€™t seen you before? What is a Jason Hyde match like?

I donโ€™t see anyone like me in wrestling. Not to say Iโ€™m better than anyone (although I am better than everyone of course) but youโ€™ll see a man of 6โ€™4 flinging people about and flinging himself about in equal measure. Plus my fantastic hair.

Outside of wrestling, any fun facts about yourself?

I have an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who and comic books, and Iโ€™m terrified of sheep.

We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, tell us your top 5 non-UK wrestlers?

Right now Iโ€™d say Keith Lee, Gallows and Anderson (as a team Iโ€™ll count them as one), Jon Moxley, Kevin Owens and Darby Allin.

Now can you set them up in matches against UK wrestlers?

I wonโ€™t use me for any since thatโ€™s lazy.

  • Keith Lee vs Wolfgang
  • Good brothers vs Just Uz would be sick
  • Jon Moxley vs Jack Jester
  • Darby Allin vs Dean Ford would be a dark horse pick
  • and TJ Rage vs Kevin Owens

Do you have any dream opponents for the future?

Iโ€™d love to wrestle Wolfgang, I think we could do some cool stuff.

We are in a time of lockdown, have your goals in wrestling changed for when we return??

My goals no, but the routes to them are certainly different, wrestling is gonna be such a different animal when weโ€™re back itโ€™s hard to plan ahead but the endgame remains the same โ€“ go anywhere and fight anyone.

What advice would you give to a new come to wrestling?

Donโ€™t get into your own head too much. Enjoy and focus on the match your having not worrying when the next one is. And have fun, wrestling hurts so you need to enjoy it.

Where can we find you on social media?

And you can find my podcast Jason Hyde attempts to socialise on Anchor, Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Thank you very much to Jason for the interview and we hope all enjoyed it. Give us a like and a follow and drop us a comment!

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