Full Results: Community Pro Wrestling ‘Live In Govan’ (25 Feb 2022)

The following results are from Community Pro Wrestling’s event at the Fairfield Club in Govan on February 25th, 2022:

Mr. Ian Skinner and Charles Vyce entered to announce that Thatcher Wright would not be on the show as he was at a cheese and wine party. They announced that their match would be the main event. They then spotted Martin MacAlastair selling anti-Thatcher shirts at the merch table and added him to the match.

Stevie James defeated Jason Reed by pinfall.

CJ West defeated Levi by pinfall.

Ashley Vega defeated Anastasia by pinfall.

Termination Z (Big Ross Hauser & Daro) defeated Casino Brutale (Mikey Devine & Rabu Romero) by disqualification.

While the halftime raffle was being drawn by The Govan Team, Stevie James came out to tell them that he had another surprise for them. Krobar appeared and joined James to attack The Govan Team.

UCW Tag Team Championships – Handsome Man’s Club (The Sam Barbour Experience & Levi) defeated The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Zander) by pinfall to WIN the UCW Tag Team Championships.

HT Drake w/Casino Brutale (Mikey Devine & Rabu Romero) defeated Spiderbam by pinfall.

Drake and Casino Brutale continued to beat down Spiderbam after the match until Termination Z ran out to make the save. They challenged Drake and Casino Brutale to a six man Govan Street Fight at the next Community Pro Wrestling event.

Soldato, Tallon Jr, & Martin MacAlistair defeated Thatcher’s Cabinet (Mr. Ian Skinner, Charles Vyce, & Eli Bulwark) by submission.

Our thanks to Community Pro Wrestling for the results.

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