Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live In Inverurie’ (17 Sep 2022)

Inverurie, is definitely a place. It’s been 10 years since WrestleZone made it’s debut in Inverurie (according to Cagematch), at the time Johnny Lions was Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, The Granite City Hotshots won the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships, and Los Cytos lost to The Holyrood Blondes, somewhere a 9 year old Adam Morrison smiles at the thought.

A lot of changes have happened in that time, the Beach Ballroom was a dream, Aspen Faith had barely made his debut, wrestlers have come and gone, and WrestleZone continues to be the North East juggernaut putting smiles on faces young and old.

After missing Battle of the Nations in August, like the filthy casual I am, I made sure I got my ticket for WrestleZone at Hopeville Social Club in Inverurie. It’ll be the first time I’m heading to the town for the wrestling, and after journeying to Ellon at the start of the year and being blown away by the quality of the “smaller” show, I know this one will be another fantastic night.

The last WrestleZone show I attended was the breath-taking Aberdeen Anarchy show that left me speechless and in awe of pro wrestling as an art. Not to put pressure on this event at all.

VIP Ticket Holder Match – Murphy vs Shawn Johnson

Murphy has grown into his role since becoming part of The Outfit, adding more of a purpose to his maulings. The new and improved Murphy is now part of the big bad faction including Dino, and the Sterling Brothers. Last time Murphy appeared in Inverurie he was on the losing end of the match with Scotty Swift, since then they’ve been at loggerheads with battles throughout the year. He comes in following a loss at Battle of the Nations to the team of Swift, Umar Mohammed, and Lee McAllister so will be in a foul mood.

Shawn Johnson has finally got a bit of direction again after tying up the Bryan Tucker sized loose end at the end of the year. Now he is with Mr P in their as-yet-unnamed team, he has some fire and character about him again along with this dazzling Dad dance moves. Shawn is also coming in off a loss after his, and Mr P’s, unsuccessful challenge for the Tag Team Championships at Battle of the Nations so will be needing to get some momentum going before being in a position to challenge again.

When I did my wildly incorrect Aberdeen Anarchy match predictions in late 2021 this was a match I pitched, at the time it was a way to rehabilitate both to get some traction going again, now in late 2022 they both have some interesting stories to get their teeth into, Murphy with the big faction and Shawn in the tag team division. All of that to say, this should be a good match, a classic big man – little man dynamic, Shawn coming in as the veteran to figure out how to chop down Murphy.

Chris Archer vs Ronan King

Ronan King, what a guy, he has been quite the character in WrestleZone since his debut with his shenanigans. His main target since the turn of the year has been Mikkey Vago, one half of The Rejected, and they have had a fair amount of battles of increasing violence from a Singapore Cane match at Anarchy then a Mosh Pit match at Battle of the Nations with all reports being that it was spectacular. Even after defeat it hasn’t stopped Ronan King declaring himself the best wrestler in world.

On the other side it’s the other half of The Rejected, Chris Archer. Archer hit the ground running when the shows restarted in 2021, winning the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship in the main event of Halloween Hijinks, after losing the title a couple months later in Summerhill he’s been a bit lost in terms of a place in WrestleZone. His last appearance was an underwhelming (in my opinion) match with Krobar which was hampered by bad luck when his original opponent, Jackie Polo, had to pull out. Hopefully the match happens at some point.

Chris Archer always throws his body into every match and it will be a different test for Ronan King. He’s been in with veterans like Scotty Swift already but Archer is a different animal, coupled with some revenge in mind on behalf of his Rejected brother, it could be a long night for Ronan King. However, imagine the scenes if King sneaks a victory, and the TikToks that will be made. Another match that I am looking forward to.

Umar Mohammed vs Bryan Tucker

Following victory at Battle of the Nations, Umar Mohammed has been in a sensational mood. The party is on, and the party pooper has arrived in the form of former Undisputed WrestleZone and Tag Team Champion Bryan Tucker. Tucker, though he is a bit unhinged and is, as Scotty Swift has put it, a wally, Tucker still knows how to do the wrestling.

Tucker hasn’t had much luck lately, with losses to Alex Webb, Mikkey Vago, DCT, Evan Young, and Aspen Faith this year and without a win since October 2021. He’s apparently got the answer to all his problems and we’re to find out in Inverurie. Has he got a new tie? Did he find a bodyguard? Has Richard R. Russell come out of cryogen to lead the other half of The Granite City Hotshots to championship glory? Len Ironside will referee the match? When it comes to Bryan Tucker the possibilities are very much endless.

Umar Mohammed may’ve under-estimated his opponent, or estimated him spot on. In any event it might be a harder night for Umar than he is anticipating. Tucker has stepped into the ring with nearly everyone that has come and went throughout WrestleZone history. He’s won the titles, he’s had the ladder matches, he’s fought the giants, and now he has a plan to get himself back on track? If it’s better than his v-log on fashion then we should be worried.

Dino vs Mr P

The irresistible force and the immovable object, Mr P has his work cut out for him when he comes up against the sharp cornered mass of The Outfit. As every event passes Dino becomes more ruthless, casting aside the weak and bringing in more large bodies like Murphy, and aligning with the shrewd multi-time tag team champion William Sterling before finally forming an alliance with current Tri-Counties Champion Alan Sterling. It’s quite a faction in WrestleZone, the most threatening since Sterling Oil.

As with Murphy, Dino will not be here for the fun and games which Mr P will undoubtedly try and bring to Inverurie. Both men’s respective tag team partners are due to battle it out earlier in the night, Murphy and Shawn Johnson, so the outcome of that match may be a factor when this match starts. Dino is a big lad, has a disgusting roaring elbow at his disposal that has knocked out champions and anyone else that has come into contact with it. If he sees Murphy beaten, who knows what extra punishment he would have planned for Mr P.

After being sent back to the bottom of the tag team ranks, Mr P will need to bring all the chaos to re-start the climb to get to the Foundation. Mr P will no doubt want to put on a show but when he is focused on the task at hand he can be a tricky customer to deal with. This will be hard hitting, it could be Mr P fighting to survive but you can’t count out the heart and endurance he brings to a fight.

Scotty Swift vs Rhys Dawkins

We’ve covered some personal rivalries, some matches that are going to be a fight, this might be different. Rhys Dawkins has proven himself to be wily, the self proclaimed most intelligent professional wrestler on this side of the globe has already knocked off, and out, Blue Thunder at Aberdeen Anarchy. Sure he fell short against Connor Molloy at Battle of the Nations, but getting a tick in the win column in your debut is a confidence boost.

War gives the right to the conquerors to impose any condition they please upon the vanquished.” – Julius Caesar

This will be the first main show match for Rhys Dawkins and he comes up against the pillar of WrestleZone, “The Red Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift. Much like his tag team partner at Nations, Umar Mohammed, Scotty is riding a wave of momentum. Of all the matches that are on this really great looking show, this is the one I know I will be most sports entertained by.

I’ve seen Scotty Swift deal with some delusional opponents in the past, *cough*Super Executioner*cough*, and vanquish them with relative ease. On the surface the sonnet quoting, well spoken, snappily dressed Dawkins could be mistaken for one of those but he has proven that he can go in the ring. This is a teacher versus student match up with Scotty having a hand in the development of the in-ring portion of the over presentation of Rhys Dawkins, but I would find it hard to believe Swift gave him the tips on the short cuts he has been taking in matches.

“The arms are fair, when the intent of bearing them is just.” – Henry IV.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Captain Alan Sterling (c) vs Mikkey Vago

Fresh, well maybe not too fresh, off his victory over Ronan King at Battle of the Nations in the Mosh Pit match. Vago earned himself an opportunity at Captain Alan Sterling and the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship. Alan defeated his Rejected brethren Chris Archer at the start of the year to re-gain the title so Vago will have a little bit of revenge on his mind along with attempting to win his first singles championship.

The curiosity is if Captain Alan will have back up, his hulky beast of a bodyguard Caleb Valhalla abandoned ship at Regal Rumble, The Outfit are in other matches and may be pre-occupied, and the already mentioned Caleb went and added another victim to his increasing rap sheet when he battered William Sterling behind closed doors at the WrestleZone Training Academy.

Sterling could be alone and very vulnerable. Vago is unpredictable, hosting a tremendous energy (and podcast), and is on an incredible run right now in WrestleZone (clearly putting the work in). Even if his win-loss record isn’t perfect he has been operating on a high level that it would be hard to not see Vago could out of Inverurie with the gold unless there are some shenanigans afoot.

I’ll be watching this one with a keen eye, if Dennis is the referee of the match then the fix might just be on…

Damien, Caleb Valhalla, & Connor Molloy vs The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Ryan Riley, & Bruiser Brad Evans)

Oh damn.

Oh damn.

Ooooh damn.

Going back to my review of WrestleZone’s show in Ellon, I said something along the lines of people shouldn’t sleep on the “smaller” shows. This is proof of that to the point that there isn’t any smaller shows in WrestleZone anymore. The pandemic really seemed to pull WrestleZone’s priority into every show having to be top quality from top to bottom, or have a reason to exist. Not to say that wasn’t the case in the past but since the return of shows last year they aren’t any that have been a throwaway. Every event that WrestleZone has put forward has a plot point to drive the overarching stories forward.

The Foundation of the Future ended Aberdeen Anarchy holding all the gold, the same outcome happened at Battle of the Nations. Zach Dynamite, Ryan Riley, and Bruiser Brad Evans are the pinnacle of WrestleZone right now and as much as they have taken the cheap way out, they have used the numbers to their advantage, or paid Dennis Law for favourable decisions, they are incredible wrestlers. I can say all of that along with, I hate them. I hate that they are so talented, I hate that they just get under my skin so effortlessly. During the hours of 6pm and 10pm on a Saturday every other month, I hate their very existence, yet enthralled by how cohesive they are in the ring, and how their matches tap into my emotions, a door I like having shut for as long as possible.

This will be the first show that they will all enter as a unit for a match with their respective titles. Last time they competed as a trio it was one of the academy shows pre-Anarchy facing a WrestleZone super team of Damien, Aspen Faith, and Crusher Craib.

Speaking of Aspen Faith, which I often find incredible tangents to do so, he will be facing Zach Dynamite with the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship on the line at Halloween Hijinks in October so keep that in the back of your mind on how much Dynamite chooses to be active in this match or if he will leave his boys to do the majority and keep himself fresh for his next title defense.

The Foundation come up against another WrestleZone super team, a new batch, you have the former record smashing Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien, who still has a bone to pick with the Foundation, there’s the adonis, the mighty Caleb Valhalla out to cause Ragnarok in Inverurie, plus fresh on his own following the retirement of his tag team partner Crusher Craib, Connor Molloy. A balanced team of power, speed, technique, youth, and experience.

The Foundation of the Future have that same balance but with one major difference, they have been a team for a couple years now, they have the gold and the arrogance that comes with it. They have teamed outside of WrestleZone, against a variety of opponents. There may not be a better trio right now in Scotland, or even UK/Europe wide.

Damien’s team have an unstable alliance, they are three individuals fighting a team. All with different agendas and goals whereas The Foundation have a common target, win at all costs.

This is a mouth watering main event, to use a cliché, this match is worth the price of admission alone.

A win for Connor, Caleb, and Damien gives them the ammunition to claim a title opportunity and get into contention, a win for The Foundation might just be another Saturday to them.

Oh damn.

I think I’ve waxed lyrical enough about this show. This event has all the branches ready to sprout as we move towards Aberdeen Anarchy 2023. Get a ticket.

If you haven’t been to a WrestleZone show, get to one and you too can ramble incoherently and read into every minute moment… or don’t and just enjoy the show, I’m not your mother.

More Information

Doors: 6pm (VIP). 6.30pm (General). Bell time: 7pm (VIP). 7pm (General).

Tickets: Available here.

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