10 Tag Teams To Watch In 2023

Following the popularity of our 23 For 23 for your ones to watch this year. Here are 10 tag teams you might not be familiar with but to keep an eye out for in 2023.

For some added spice, I’ve picked teams that have not won any tag team gold together… yet.

Photo credit Fair City Wrestling

10. Glory Hunter Agencies | Umar Mohammed & Sebastian Asher

The cocky duo led by Marcus “The Glory” Hunter in Fair City Wrestling have a tremendous upside. Full of character and potential as a team.

Asher is still fairly fresh faced, with the guidance of Mohammed we could see a very innovative tag team.

Photo credit Neil Malone

9. Game On | Nathan North & Duke Cannon

Also from Fair City Wrestling, North and Cannon have quickly proven to be a talented match up, both bring their own spin of the dice from their gaming backgrounds to mash up and become a popular tandem.

They definitely have spirit, showing plenty perseverance and guts in their matches with the likes of Red Gate.

Photo credit David J Wilson

8. Legends Never Die | Fulton King & Sami Sparx

Formed in late 2022, King and Sparx were quickly making a name for themselves when they faced Glasgow Grindhouse for the ICW Tag Team Championships at Copenhagen Championship Wrestling.

Both have a wild side, and will use their bodies with reckless abandon to cause some chaos.

Photo credit David J Wilson

7. Termination Z | Big Ross Hauser & Daro

Undefeated in tag team competition in Community Pro Wrestling, Big Ross brings the power while Daro brings the kicks and flips. A dangerous combination.

The team were due to debut in Pro2 Wrestling but Daro was unable to compete. I’m sure they will be looking to pick that up in 2023 and get some gold around their waists.

Photo credit Marion Mcginn

6. Risky Business | AJ Diaz & Jack Ripley

Firing out from Source Wrestling School, the former Air Strike have revamped their image, bringing a flair to their aerial offense.

Fast as lightning, a pretty deadly tag team.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

5. The Outfit | Dino and Murphy

Two hard hitting big lads from the North East look set to make 2023 a year to remember for The Outfit.

Formed at the start of 2022 and they dominated opponents, leaving them flattened on the canvas whether it’s via a Dino rolling elbow or a Murphy frog splash.

Photo credit The Wilsons

4. Casino Brutale | Rabu Romero & Mikey Devine

Romero and Devine are a well oiled machine with incredible chemistry, finding success in Iron Girders Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Experience Scotland, Community Pro Wrestling, with appearances in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Old school in their tactics, they get the job done.

Photo credit Jimmy Pierce

3. The Young Team | Logan Smith & Jimmy Pierce

Accompanied by The Wee Man when in Insane Championship Wrestling, The Young Team has faced all manner of challenges, big and small, already since forming in late 2021 with travels to Wrestling Experience Scotland, Iron Girders Pro Wrestling, and Clyde Valley Wrestling.

A youthful team but bring plenty of experience.

Photo credit The Wilsons

2. Arcade Violence | Jake Lawless & AC Anderson

Out of Iron Girders Gym, Lawless and Anderson have made an early impact in IGPW with a debut in Insane Championship Wrestling to close off a successful debut year.

Jake Lawless is your wildcard, who will maul your face off and smile while doing it. It’s chalk and cheese next to AC Anderson who has the swagger of a superstar, with the ego to match.

Photo credit Insane Championship Wrestling

1. Ian Skinner & Charlie Vyce

Somehow Ian Skinner and Charlie Vyce have yet to pick up tag team gold. They have teamed regularly in Insane Championship Wrestling, Community Pro Wrestling, and Wrestling Experience Scotland as part of Thatcher Wright’s Cabinet. At the end of 2022 they broke away from the Tory loving tyrant to stand on their own four feet.

A high energy team that can twist opponents in knots or take to the sky, an exciting duo to keep an eye on.

Honourable Mention: The Double D’s

Photo credit David J Wilson

As I said in our 23 For 23, this is just scratching the surface with whittling this down to only 10 teams being a bit of a nightmare even with the restriction I imposed. Get to the wrestling!

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